Wedding Hair + Trick for Hair Growth

a2b820f8fbffd9d3eac5163f8f1078d9Hey babes and happy last Thursday of July!  Wait, really? I can’t believe we’re already approaching August!  Is it just me or did the first part of 2016 seriously flyyyyyyy by?  Our wedding is less than 6 months away and upon that realization, I experienced my first panic moment since getting engaged.  And being the beauty and fashion lover I am, it happened to be about my hair.  Let’s step back in time to March of 2015. I had long hair – like down to my butt long – and I had this long mane for years and years.  But I found that I was only wearing it down about one day a week and the rest of the time it was up in a top knot or in a pony.  I felt uninspired and needed a new look.  I scheduled my hair appointment and made my mind up that it was time for a change.  My hair stylist did NOT want to cut my hair.  But I made her!  And two hours later, I went from long, dark hair to a shoulder length cut with blonde highlights!  And I loved it.  I loved it so much, in fact, that I kept cutting it.

Then in July of 2015 we got engaged and I knew I wanted my locks to be long for our wedding, but also knew I had, give or take, about 1.5 years to grow it out.  So I cut it one last time.  And this time, I cut it shorter than it’s been since I was 15 years old!  Again, in my head, I thought I had 16 months to grow it out and my hair normally grows very fast, so I wasn’t worried one bit!  Well fast forward to April 2016 and my hair was definitely not growing as fast as I would have liked and I was kind of freaking out!  Sure I have the option to get extensions, but I also don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for them.  And not all extensions are created equal!  I definitely wouldn’t want to go the cheap route and be unhappy with the results for my big day.  So I began to search for help to stimulate hair growth!  And it just so happened that my coworker (at the time) is an ItWorks! distributor and she swears by a product called Hair, Skin, and Nails.  I began taking it April 6th and the results have been amazing!  Not only is my hair (and nails) growing like a weed, but it has gotten dramatically thicker and fuller!  I’ve been taking HSN once every day and I’m honestly blown away by the results.  I highly recommend this product for every bride or babe who wants a thicker, longer head of hair – whether you’re wearing it down or up!

*** If you want to try Hair, Skin, and Nails, contact my girl Charissa at or email her at ***

Here are a few pictures of my hair progress!  In April it was barely at my shoulders and I had the smallest baby ponytail/stub.  Now in July, it’s almost to middle of my back and I can wear it up in a full topknot without having to pin up any loose hairs in the back!



 And here are a couple photos of how I plan to wear my hair on our big day!
IMG_0926 IMG_0927
I would love to hear about any tricks or tips you have for growing your locks! And as always, please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions!

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