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Photography by Michelle Bazis

Hi babes and happy Saturday!  Holy moly, I can’t believe I’m saying this aloud, but I’m getting married in less than 3 months!  September flew by.  I literally blinked and it was gone!  And now we’re almost into the third week of October and it seems like the more I add to my wedding “to-do” list, the faster time is speeding by.  But thankfully, now all of my tasks are fun, such as picking out my wedding shoes, purchasing wedding bands, choosing cake flavors, purchasing gifts for my girls, and finalizing my wedding jewelry!  Without giving too much away about my gown, I will say it’s very sparkly and is the perfect dress for a glamorous, black-tie New Year’s Eve wedding!  But with my dress being so snazzy, I’ve been a bit unsure as to what kind of jewelry I will wear on my big day.  If you follow me on my blog or Instagram, then you know I never leave home without a necklace, earrings, and a full stack of bracelets and watch.  Well when you’re wearing a gown adorned with thousands of opals, crystals, and the most beautiful beadwork, you can’t out accessorize your dress!  Usually I’m in the mindset of more is more, but in this rare, and very special case, that is not true!  Thankfully, I already have a pretty good idea as to the direction I’m going to take when it comes to accessories…. Read on, babe!

Not only is Rhylan Lang the premier bridal boutique in Omaha and is the exclusive retailer for Hayley Paige gowns in Nebraska, but the salon is also filled with gorgeous earrings, bracelets, necklaces, hair clips, & belts that complete your entire bridal look!  It’s amazing how just by adding a belt or a pair of drop earrings, it can bring your entire vision to life.  Tracy, the awesome owner of Rhylan Lang, knows I’m an accessory and fashion lover, so she “made” me try on all the bells and whistles when trying on dresses!  I’m terrible at making decisions.  Like awful.  So decisions surrounding our wedding, especially about the things I’ll be wearing on my body, are even more difficult for me to make!  But when I said yes to my dress, and chose my veil (hint, it’s not white!), Tracy helped me break down what was missing.  After much discussion whether or not to add a hair piece and necklace, we decided to go with opal and crystal drop earrings that compliment my dress, scratched the necklace idea, added a snazzy bobbie pin, and threw on a few dainty bracelets!  In fact, the earrings I chose are in the photos below, can you guess which ones they are?!  I’m SO EXCITED to finally be able to show you all my dress and to share the vision and details of our big day!


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In partnership with Rhylan Lang Bridal.  All thoughts are sincerely my own!

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