Up, Up, and Away!

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Hi loves and happy Friday! Today is the day.  The day I’ve been waiting to arrive since last August!  Today, Michelle, myself, and our moms are on our way to London & Paris!  I am so excited to finally cross these two cities off of my bucket list.  I’m also really proud of myself for turning this dream/wish into a reality!  I never thought I would actually do it.  It was one of those things I said I would do, but never really believed it would come to fruition.  But turns out that one late-night, slightly tipsy text message to my BFF about pining for London, turned into a 10 day excursion in London and Paris with our moms!

I cannot wait to take in the sites, the people, the language, the food, the wine & pints – it’s going to be an experience of a lifetime!  So I’m signing off for the next ten days but be sure to follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat (sabbystyle) for vacation updates and #00td pictures!

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