Tropical Romper + Our Stay at Emerald Bay


Photography by my HUSBAND – so fun to say!

Hey girlfriends and happy Humpday to you!  It’s snowing here in Nebraska, so I thought it would be the perfect time to set our sights on warmer weather and share some photos from our honeymoon to Mazatlan, Mexico!  We were gone for two weeks and stayed at two different resorts: Pueblo Bonito Mazatlan and Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay.  These photos were taken during our week stay at Emerald Bay.  Words and pictures just don’t do this place justice!  It is a huge property with luscious green vegetation, gorgeous flowers, flamingos, iguanas, five infinity pools, bars & restaurants, an amazing ocean view, and the friendliest staff!  This was our fifth time visiting Mazatlan and it gets better and better every time we come!  We usual stay at the PB Maz resort and don’t do all inclusive because it’s right near town and we love to visit the local restaurants and feast on the most delicious shrimp tacos.  The Emerald Bay resort is a bit farther from town and because the property is so large, you can’t easily walk to a local restaurant.  So we decided to take the plunge and try all inclusive.  And Lord have mercy, it was amazing!  The food was s and the staff at every watering hole & eatery were so wonderful and kind.  If you’ve never been to Mazatlan, I would highly encourage you take a visit because the people of Mazatlan are awesome, the beach is great, the American dollar goes a long way, and the food & cervezas are the!

While we ate most of our meals at the resort during our last week at Emerald Bay, we decided to take the shuttle into town to eat at one of our favorite restaurants and the PB Maz hotel, Cilantros.  Cilantros sits right on the beach and if you get there about 5:30, you can see the sun set right on the water!  The ambiance is spectacular – truly a neat experience that we look forward to every visit!  So for our night out to Cilantros, I knew I had to wear this stunning floral romper!  January in Mexico is a bit different than November in Mexico, which is when we usually visit.  January evenings have a bit of chill in the air, especially when you are right on the water.  So I was so happy to have a romper that had sleeves!  This print is so bright and vibrant and I blended right in with the pristine landscape of the property!  The V-neck was a bit too low for a dinner at a family restaurant, so with just a little safety pin, I was able to adjust the neckline.  I opted to keep my jewelry minimal, so I wore my favorite monogram necklace and the turquoise Sabby Style bracelet set!

And if the original price wasn’t already great, my SS readers can take 20% off with code SABBY20 from K. Ellis Boutiquemaking the romper just $31!!  Such a steal, girlfriends!

For size reference, I’m wearing a Medium!

20170119-img_8584 20170119-img_859020170119-img_8644 20170119-img_8593 20170119-img_865020170119-img_8363

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The view from our balcony!  This was the pool where we spent most of our days!


Walking the property at sunset – so lush and green!


Mazatlan Sunset


Baby Flamingos – could there be anything cuter??? I think not.


Oh. My. Goodness.  This sushi was amazeballs!  Tone and I eat sushi at home at least one time a week, so we were super excited to see that sushi was on the menu.  Never knowing what to expect, as we’ve never had sushi in Mexico, we were blown away with how fresh and tasty it was!

img_6778 img_6779

Another view from our balcony!  How amazing does the ocean look? Too bad the water was a bit chilly during our visit!

img_6780 img_6782

Mazatlan Sunsets are amazing.  Look at this cotton candy sky!

Feel free to email me or leave a comment with any questions regarding our stay or what I’m wearing, I would love to chat more!


This post was sponsored by K. Ellis Boutique!  All opinion are sincerely my own.  Thank you for supporting the businesses that allow me to operate Sabby Style!

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