Thursday Date Night at the Village Pointe Vibes Summer Concert Series

Hi friends and happy Thursday!  Two weeks ago Tony and I kicked off our Summer with a date night at the Village Pointe Vibes Summer Concert Series featuring Soul Dawg!  I’ve heard such great things about the outdoor Vibes concerts, but had never been, and now we’re hooked – we had such a fun time!  Fun fact about T and I – we love music.  And not just the Top 40 hits.  We love all kinds of music – from country, to rap, to oldies, and rock (well me, not Tone so much haha) – so it doesn’t take much to convince us to get our groove on, especially at an outdoor FREE concert!

Another fun fact – up until last Summer, Tony and I had not gone to a concert together.  That’s right, over 9 years had gone by without a concert date!  I’m a huge concert goer and my mom is usually my live music buddy.  I’ll ask Tone to go, but he usually replies “I bet you and your mom would have so much fun!”… and he’s right, we always do haha.  And then last Summer while we were in Kansas City, we happened upon a country concert at Power and Light, and with tickets being only $10, we figured hey, why not.  And no surprise, we had a blast!  Since then, we’ve been bit by the outdoor concert bug!

We went to KC last month for the Yankee vs. Royals baseball series and we also went to the Randy Houser concert at P&L!  In August we’re going back to Kansas City for the Billy Currington outdoor show for my belated birthday trip.  And while it’s pretty easy to go to and from KC, it’s muuuuuch more convenient for us to drive up the road 10 minutes to Village Pointe!  The Vibes Series is back and better than ever this year, as it’s on a brand new night, on Thursday rather than Saturday like it used to be.  I personally love this switch in days, because our weekends are always jam packed and sometimes the last thing I want to do is to go back out after running around all Saturday morning/afternoon!  We rarely have plans on Thursday evenings, so this new day works out great for us.

Between the great tunes (literally, we sang along to, tasty cocktails (I had the Strawberry Basil Mule from Kona Grill!), and the Summer samplers from Scooter’s Coffee (Tony had a few helpings haha), we thoroughly enjoyed our time!  Feel free to bring your blanket, bag chairs, and cooler of non-alcoholic refreshments and settle in for a family-friendly outdoor event!

They have face painting, a bubble machine for the kiddos, and pup cups for the dogs at the Cold Stone Creamery stand!  During the brief intermission, Athleta hosted a kids fashion show to celebrate talented and smart young ladies in darling youth activewear!  Tony and I decided to make a full date night out of it, so afterwards we walked to Cheeseburger in Paradise to cool off for a bit while sipping on a margarita… or two haha.  Then we went to Kona Grill for reverse happy hour to enjoy sushi and sake!  I love that once you park your car, you can walk everywhere at Village Pointe!  It makes it so convenient to bounce from store to store and from one eatery to the next.  

Romper c/o Village Pointe x Old Navy // Wedges // BagAffordable Option // Earrings // Sunglasses // White Sabby Set + Three Little Pretties Set – 10% off with code sabbystyle10 – c/o Taudrey Jewelry

To help me get ready for the evening and our date night, I made a hair and makeup appointment at Garbo’s Village Pointe!  I first met with Alyssa for hair and she brought my messy braid vision to life!  This style was perfect because I wanted to wear my hair down but also needed it out of my face since it was stinking hot that night.  Then I got glammed up by Kathryn, who did an amazing job giving me a light and fresh face that wouldn’t melt off through out the night haha.  This was my second service appointment with Kathryn (she gave me the most fabulous facial last year!) and I can’t recommend her enough!

Thank you to Garbo’s Village Pointe for the salon services! xoxo

Are you in Omaha and have you been to a Village Pointe Vibes Concert?!  And if you’re not in Omaha, does your city offer a free family-fun evening like this? I would love to know!

Thank you to Village Pointe for hosting Tony and I at the concert and for sponsoring today’s post! 

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