The Effective AND Affordable Product I’m Using to Keep My Skin Soft + Hydrated this Winter

Hi friends and happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend and that your November is off to a great start!  Now that we’re about half way into the month, the chilly and dry weather has shown up here in Omaha and I think it’s here to stay.  I don’t know about you girls, but my skin does a complete 180 during the Fall and Winter!  Which means I have to mix up my skin care routine to ensure I’m giving my skin exactly what it needs during each season.  I shared a few weeks ago on my Instagram that I’ve teamed up with Olay to test out their brand-new Regenerist Whip Fragrance Free moisturizer and I’m so excited to report that I am LOVING the results!  Honestly and truly, it’s super hydrating and is the perfect mix of long-lasting hydration without the heavy, oily feeling that other moisturizers can leave.  My patchy dry skin immediately feels calm and alive after using it and not to mention, my makeup has never gone on smoother!  Even though our sunny days are few and far between, your skin can still be harmed on cloudy, overcast days, so I’ve also been using the new Olay Total Effects Whip SPF25 Fragrance-Free and love that I don’t have to worry about harmful rays when I’m out and about running errands and taking care of business!

I’ve tried so many face lotions, creams, serums, etc., with some of them being quite pricey – sorry bank account and husband haha – but I never found one that was like “ok, this is my new holy grail, every day kind-of-product”.  The new Olay Rengenerist Whip Fragrance-Free gives my skin exactly what it needs without breaking the bank!  And the best part is that I can pick it up at Walgreens. I make a Walgreens run about once a week because #WalgreensKnowsMySoul haha and I feel like we’re always running low on something or other.  Heck, I even will run there to buy my coffee creamer because I don’t want to hassle with grocery store parking!  So needless to say, it’s a major bonus that I can buy my skin care essentials in one convenient place and Walgreens is just that.

I would love to know if you girls have tried Whips yet and if you’ve seen the new Fragrance-Free option?! Next time you’re at Walgreens, be sure to pick it up and give it a try; your skin will thank you all Fall and Winter long! Xo

Thank you to Olay and TapInfluence for sponsoring today’s post!  As always, all thoughts expressed are sincerely my own! #FeelTheWhips #Olay #Walgreens

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