Styling a Gingham Duster with Pink Heels and Cutoff Shorts for Date-Night + 20% Discount Code

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Hi friends and happy Wednesday!  I can’t believe we’re just about to say adios to August and that the Labor Day holiday weekend is just two days away.  It’s true what they say that as you get older, time seems to go by quicker and quicker!  Who else remembers counting down the days until high school graduation and then waiting anxiously for your 21st birthday to arrive?  Back then I couldn’t wait for the next big milestone and now I wish the days and weeks would just slow down!  I’m not quite ready to kiss my Summer wardrobe goodbye, so I’m transitioning two of my favorite items – cutoff shorts and a cami tank – by adding a duster.  And let me tell ya, the love I have for this gingham duster is strong!

For one, gingham print is very on-trend and while it’s popular right now, it still is a classic print that never really goes out of style.  I’ve had gingham pieces in my closet for years and years that I still go back to.  Second, the black and white print go with everything!  You can wear this one with white jeans, blue denim, black denim, olive denim, gray denim, and the list goes on.  If it’s still warm where you live, then rock those shorts, like I’m doing here!  Naturally, I opted for bright pink shoes, because I am who I am haha but this duster goes with pretty much every shoe in your closest!  I’ve worn it with leopard sneakers, a black tank, and dark blue frayed shorts for a cute and comfy look to run errands in, as you can see below.  And third, I love dusters because they give you the best of both worlds; showing off your legs while being able to stay warm in the A/C.  Even when it’s sweltering outside, it’s always frigid in restaurants, bars, grocery stores, & malls.  We get it, it’s hot outside but you don’t need to blast the A/C!  Dusters are one of the most genius ideas ever, especially when worn with shorts.  Which as you can tell from my Insta, is my most favorite way to wear them, as seen here, here, here, and here!  You can show off your stems but then when you sit down at the table, the long layer can keep you warm.  It’s basically like using a napkin for a blanket, but without the lipstick stains and crumbs haha.  Hey, I know you’ve done that too!

Do you girls love a duster cardigan as much as I do?!  If so, snag this gingham cutie for yourself and get it for 20% off with code sabbystyle20 from Stormie Dreams!

Gingham Duster20% off with code sabbylove20 – c/o Stormie Dreams // Black Shorts // Pink Heels // Similar White Bag // Earrings // Sunglasses // Black Watch // White Tank // Lip Liner (Pink Coral) // Lip Matte (Twisted Tulip)

This post is sponsored by Stormie Dreams.  All thoughts are sincere my own!  Thank you for supping the small businesses that I partner with! xoxo

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