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Hi friends and happy Fri-yay!  Without sounding like a broken record… life has been a whirlwind for me as-of-late, and it seems that I have about an hour of “me” time per day.  Between my day job, night job, spending quality time with my fiancé, wedding planning, seeing my family, and getting face-time in with my dogs – time is short and the days are long! Oh, and we’re remodeling our house, too.  Bonus!  But I’m not complaining… I love that I have a career as an event planner, I get to put my Master’s degree to work, and am growing my blog business & dreams!  However, I’m being pulled in a million different directions and something has got to give.  But take it from me, the one thing that shouldn’t give is the time you make for your health.  I vowed to make 2016 the healthiest year yet and to make time each day in order to reach the healthiest version of Sara I can be.  And it’s tough!  I feel so guilty leaving at night to hit the gym or for shutting the bedroom door so I can workout by myself at home.  But I feel even guiltier when I don’t follow through and get that work out it!

 I began working out with DeVetter Fitness (raved about it here) and their awesome trainers the first week of January!  I was committed and made time 4-5x a week for that first month.  But then my work schedule ramped up to where I had something going on almost every morning and evening with literally no time left for myself.  Thankfully I have an open and honest relationship with my trainers, John & Emily, and owners Chas & Jeannine, and I shared with them my current schedule conflict.  And because they get that life happens, and truly want me to succeed, they set me up with some great workouts to do at home!  And when I had a free night, I popped back in and picked up right where I had left off.  No judging.  Lots of encouragement and expressing how happy they were to see me, but they never once made me feel bad for being m.i.a.  And that is why I love DeVetter Fitness.  They are real people just like you and I.  They train real people just like you and I.  And they get that life happens and we do the best we can.

Not only have they guided and encouraged me through my home workouts, but I completed a 24 Day Challenge!  I have never in my life done any kind of challenge or cleanse system so I was a bit scared and super skeptical.  But I put my nerves aside, and gave it a go.  And guess what??? I was a new woman.  The first 10 days are a cleanse, and I’m not going to lie, that was a little rough for a gal who struggles with IBS-D.  Not pretty, not cute, but I survived!  I could have quit but my internal dedication kicked in and I knew I had to see it through.  I’m so glad I did!  Once those 10 days are over, we then start “it’s go time” mode!  The last 14 days are meant to jump start your body and to let it reap the rewards from your clean diet and consistent exercise!  With the combination of probiotics, vitamins, fish oils, along with meal replacement shakes and additional fiber, I was feeling 1000%!  Holy moly, I had crazy energy, minimal digestion flare ups (every day is a challenge for me) and I felt that results were clearer than ever before!  I drank about 100 ounces of water per day, and that coupled with the supplement regimen, left me bloat-less and lean! I still have progress to make and pounds & inches to loose before our NYE wedding, but I am confident that DeVetter Fitness will be right by my side, guiding me, every step of the way.

So confident in fact, that Girls Night Events and DeVetter Fitness have teamed up to bring you a WINE & WEIGHTS EVENT!  Join us on April 6th at 7:00 pm for a fun night filled with fitness, fashion and more! Enjoy great sips & snacks while browsing the latest fitness gear and other great merchandise to help you reach your goals in style.  The pros at DeVetter will be providing tips and tricks for diet and nutrition, strength training and discovering your best body. Whether you’re just curious, new or seasoned in personal training and meal planning, this Girls Night event will leave you feeling energized and ready to take on the world!  #whoruntheworld #fitandstrongbabes

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Thanks so much for reading today!  I would love to know how you stay motivated when time is short and you feel like throwing in the towel!


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