Staycation in Style at the Magnolia Hotel + a One Night Stay Giveaway

IMG_9854Hi gals and happy Friday!  I am SO excited to finally recap the amazing stay Tony and I had at the Magnolia Hotel a few weekends ago!  This was our first ever “Staycation” and why, oh why, did we wait all these years to do this?  It’s probably the best concept ever!  This was our first time staying at the Magnolia, as well, and while I had heard it was a “pretty” hotel, it was so much more than just pretty.  It was stunning and our suite made me want to move in permanently!  From the moment we pulled up to the door, we were greeted with a cold bottle of water, a towel to dry it off with (because that condensation can be pesky when your hands are full!), and made our way to the front desk where the friendliest staff swiftly checked us into our room!   Right away, we knew we were in for a treat when she said “your suite is right up the stairs”… and all I thought was, hello, I live here.  Haha, I was having a total Carrie Bradshaw moment!

The Magnolia Hotel is a historic building, and while the gorgeous charm, architecture, and original detail has remained, it has been renovated and updated, offering the best of the best amenities, decor, and service.  Our room was actually a lofted suite and I loved the open concept!  Our room had huge floor to ceiling windows and looked over the stunning courtyard, which they are known for and quite often they host the most beautiful weddings!  In fact, they were setting up for a wedding the next day.  Before Tony and I decided to have a NYE wedding, our first visions in the wedding planning process included a courtyard reception at the Magnolia in June or October!  Too bad our church was not available during those two months until another two years, and after waiting almost 8 years for Tony to propose, I was done waiting lol!

But the awesome thing is that you don’t need a reason like a wedding to enjoy the glory and beauty of the Magnolia!  After we admired our sweet suite <– pun intended, we decided a bite to eat and adult beverage was in order!  Another great thing about the Magnolia is it’s close proximity to downtown Omaha.  One of our favorite restaurants, Plank, is downtown, so we knew that would be our first stop.  We are definitely not opposed to walking, which was completely doable, but because it was crazy hot and humid that day, and I had heels on, we opted for a quick shuttle ride to Plank from the hotel!  And this was not your typical shuttle bus.  The Magnolia’s shuttle fleet are high-end luxury SUV’s, which of course make you feel like a million bucks!  But for a hotel that sets the precedent for accommodations and customer service, I wouldn’t expect anything less.  We set out for the evening to enjoy an appetizer and craft cocktail, and after a few fun hours, we walked back to the hotel (see, not far at all!) to make it back for cookies and milk.  Yes, every evening at 8pm, they have a complimentary cookie and milk station!  My husband has the biggest sweet tooth known to man, so needless to say, we were not going to miss this.  While T noshed on a bountiful plate of cookies, I opted for the Oriental Crunchy Chicken Wrap from their in-house restaurant, The District.  Which side note – this is not your typical hotel restaurant situation.  The food was amazing, the bartender was actually a legitimate mixologist, and the space was decorated beautifully!

After we had full tummies, and he grabbed a plate of cookies to-go haha, we called it a night.  We were so excited to dive into the comfy bed, sans our two dogs!  Don’t get me wrong, you know we love our boys.  But between them hogging the bed every night, their puppy snores, and the fact that we have to give Roger an insulin shot every morning at 7:30am, we were quite excited to have the bed to ourselves and to sleep in!  And sleep in we did.  As if that wasn’t a treat in and of itself, we splurged for room service breakfast!  Oh, and did I mention they have Starbucks coffee in your room?  My day was made and it was only 10am!  Again, with happy tummies, a slight coffee buzz, and rested eyes, we said goodbye to the Magnolia and promised one another that we would be back and plan Staycations on the regular!

Have you ever treated yourself to a Staycation?  Here are a few reasons why you most certainly should plan one in the near future!

Play tourist in your own city.  No matter how many times we drive downtown, there’s nothing better than having the freedom to walk from place to place and to stumble upon places you may have just driven past.  The Magnolia’s location allowed us to easily get to our favorite spot, Plank, but after we were done there, we popped into a restaurant/bar that we had been wanting to try for years!

Getaway without the travel.  As much as I love going on a vacation, there’s no way to get around that they cost a pretty penny.  Eliminating the cost of travel makes a Staycation attainable and guilt-free!

Hotel pillows are always the best.  It’s as if they know their guests are in desperate need of a good sleep!  And good sleep we had.  For a quick second I thought about taking one home with me.  But that’s stealing, and stealing is morally wrong and also illegal, so don’t do that!  Rather, plan your next Staycation!

Room service & leave the dishes.  Tony and I love making breakfast but after it seems that we’ve used every pot and pan in our kitchen, doing the dishes seems dreadful!  That is why room service is the best.thing.ever.  We both ordered the omelettes and hash browns, and the icing on the room service cake was the mini bottle of Heinz ketchup that came with our hash browns.  Ketchup never looked so cute!

Valet the car and no driving.  When Tony and I go out downtown, only one of us can indulge because the other has to drive us safely back home.  But when you Staycation at the Magnolia, your car gets a night off and you and your significant other or BFF can be worry free when it comes to those adult beverages!

And because Tony and I would 100% recommend the Magnolia for your next Staycation, we’re giving one lucky reader the chance to Staycation in Style at the Magnolia!  Be sure to check my Instagram later this evening for the official giveaway post, but to get you excited, here’s what the winner will receive!

– A complimentary One-Night Stay

– Complimentary Valet

– $50 Dining Credit!  

And for my amazing readers who may not live in the Omaha area, but will be visiting sometime this year, use special code SABBYSTYLE to receive 25% off your next stay!

Fine Print: must be at least a 2 night stay; some blackout dates will apply




This post is written in partnership with the Magnolia!  All thoughts and opinions are sincerely my own.  Thank you for supporting the partnerships & collaborations that make Sabby Style possible! xoxo

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