Spring Dreams

Aviators // Fringe Necklace // Pink Blazer // Gray Wrap Sweater // Lavender Wrap Blouse // Pink Sweater (on sale – under $38!)

Black Satchel (under $42!) // Nude Heels // Black Heels (under $70!) // Kate Spade Color Stripe Scarf 

Black Moto Jeans (high-waisted and only $70!) // Light Wash Ripped Jeans // Floral Dressunder $50! // Boyfriend Watch // Nude Backpack – perfect for all your travels! // Tan & Coral Nikes // Black & White Nikes

Hi friends and happy Wednesday!  Okay, I can’t hide it any longer… I have some major spring fever! Like whoa.  So much in fact that in a moment of weakness I may or may not have (I may have) pulled the trigger on some new spring goodies to refresh my wardrobe!  I personally get into a major fashion rut during November & December.  For one, the color red is the quintessential holiday hue, which is lovely, but I personally am not drawn to that shade, which can give me a case of FOMO when it comes to holiday attire.  Secondly, I have a serious penchant for bright colors and brilliant tones.  Yes, I love gray & nude when it comes to neutrals, but I am all about that #livecolorfully life!  And the moment the clocks turn back in the Fall, everyone reaches for their camels, blacks, and browns and I’m over here like I just want to wear my neon sweater, mmmmk?  And third, I have a thing against closed-toe shoes.  I know what you’re thinking… girlfriend you live in Nebraska!  And because of that little detail, I am forced to hide my tootsies and I hate it.  My feet get so hot through out the day which makes me sweat.  And that is not ideal!  Plus I feel more slim and trim (my feet are skinny? idk) when I can show off my feet/ankles.  I know, weirdo.  But it’s true!

And now that the new year has arrived and we are inching our way into February, I can feel the sun and warmth on the horizon!  Granted, it won’t really be here until April, but this girl has high hopes and I will be dressing accordingly.  I am also headed to London & Paris in March and have been planning my looks and “feel” of how I will be dressing while there.  I’m focusing on a color palette that includes black, gray, white, nude, and blush tones.  With leopard, duh.  So, I just had to buy that blush pink blazer and some ripped black jeans, along with the black Valentino-inspired studded heels – under $70!  PSA – those heels are seriously so comfortable! If you follow me on Instagram then you know I have been wearing the nude pair almost every day.  Even in the snow! Yep, I’m that girl that doesn’t understand the meaning of “sensible shoes.”  I digress.

I also picked up that gorgeous lavender wrap blouse (the color on the site says blue but it’s definitely more purple), the gray wrap sweater, and that super fun floral swing dress!  I’ve been on the hunt for a great black satchel but didn’t want to pay an arm and a leg because I am easing black pieces into my wardrobe.  I was ecstatic when I found this bag for under $42!  It will be just perfect for our upcoming trip to hold all my essentials while being able to wear it as a cross-body!  Hands free for all that shopping I’ll be doing… I mean site-seeing, visiting historical sites, going to museums…. 🙂

I would love to know what you girls are craving for Spring and if you will be traveling anywhere fun sometime soon!

All my love,


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