Six Years of Bliss!

Hello and Happy Saturday friends! Today marks Tony and I’s six year anniversary! Where does the time go? Honestly, we were just babies when we started dating: me at 22 and him at 25.  Our love bloomed on St. Patrick’s Day, which is why I love to celebrate that holiday now, as it marks the beginning of our relationship and kicks off anniversary week! Yes, just like birthdays, I like to celebrate everything for at a least a week!

And just a month after we began dating, Tony took off to report for minor league baseball down in Southern Illinois!  If you had asked me if I thought we would make it long-distance for almost six months, the answer would have been heck no! I thought to myself,  if it works out, great.  And if not, no biggie! Well, needless to say, it worked out and here we are! That first baseball season was a bit easier to get through because it was so fresh and new and not many expectations; kinda just going with the flow! Second baseball season apart in 2009…. totally different story! We had been together at this point now for over a year and had just moved into our first apartment together and then poof, he left me! That was one of the biggest tests that we had faced up until that point.  And being young (and quite dumb and immature); jealousy and insecurity was ever-so-present on my part and I was probably pretty nuts.  It is a miracle we made it through that season; and that he put up with me!

But once he returned home and retired after the 2009 season, all was well 🙂 We rescued and adopted our youngest shihtzu pup, Roger, in December of 2009 and he was our Christmas angel! We lived in our apartment until July 2010 when we then moved into our house where we have been ever since! It is pretty cool to reminisce on all of our memories and moments shared with one another.  Tony has seen me graduate twice; once with my Bachelor’s and once with my Master’s Degree.  We survived two baseball seasons of long-distance and I think I visited him at least eight times! PS, I once drove the nine hours to see him and needless to say, I never did that again! I made him fly me down to St. Louis if he wanted to see me! We have lost loved ones and have been through the most heart-wrenching moments, but also have had the pleasure of celebrating new life and relationships with our dearest friends.  Two dogs, two apartments, one house, four cars, four jobs, starting of a business, three trips to Mexico, two trips to Kansas City, one trip to New York, twelve birthdays, and one trip to look at engagement rings! But I’m still his GFF (Girlfriend For Forever) and he my Manfriend (he’s too old to be my boyfriend! He’s a man!)

I cannot even begin to express with words how blessed and thankful I am to have Tone as my best friend.  He is my biggest supporter in all of my endeavors.  Working just two days a week and not making much money through Grad school so I could get done quick? Sure babe, let’s do it! I think I really want to start a blog? You got this babe! I apply and interview for countless jobs but yet still no luck on landing another one… It’s okay babe, the right one will come along.  Keep working hard!  He truly is my angel and I thank God everyday for gracing me with this man.  He is going to be an amazing husband (he practically already is) and a great dad and I am so excited to see what our future holds!

Cheers to six amazing years with this man and to this life filled with love!

xoxo, Sara

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