See What’s New at Village Pointe – Shoes for Me, Sweets for Tony!

Hi friends and happy Friday!  Earlier this week Tone and I had a little day-date out at Village Pointe to check out a couple new stores that just recently opened and it was perfect, because…  shoes for me and sweet treats for him haha!  We try and carve out an hour or two every week for “date your spouse” time and Village Pointe is always at the top of our list.  Whether we just want to walk around and get some fresh air, grab a bite or an adult beverage, or are shopping; Village Pointe has it all!

If you weren’t aware, my husband has the biggest sweet tooth EVER!  Honestly, he’s never met a food with sugar in it that he didn’t like haha.  Aside from chocolate chip cookies or chocolate cake, he loves ice cream!  Cold Stone Creamery is one of our favorite spots – birthday cake with sprinkles for me, and the birthday cake remix with fudge for him – and they just added Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory caramel apples to their menu!  Naturally,  Tone chose the one with chocolate and candy bar toppings and I opted for the one with sprinkles.  FUN FACT – my first job when I was 15 was at an ice cream shop and I fell in love with vanilla soft serve and sprinkles and apparently it stuck ha!  We got our caramel apples to go because there was no room leftover after ice cream, but they are more than happy to cut it up for you to avoid the oooey gooey mess/challenge of trying to eat a big ol’ apple!  There’s also a nice outdoor patio seating, which is a great way to enjoy those sweet Summer nights at Village Pointe!

After Tony was in full-on sugar coma status, he happily obliged my request and we stopped into Tradehome Shoes, which is a new shoe store that just opened two weeks ago at Village Pointe located next to the Apple store!  Right away we were greeted with the most friendly staff and given wonderful customer service!  I immediately gravitated to the back wall where all their athletic tennis shoes are housed and spotted the prettiest pair of light purple Adidas sneakers.  Tradehome Shoes offers styles for men, women, and children; which was perfect for me because my small feet call for youth tennis shoes!  Tradehome Shoes has been around for 95 years and I’m so excited to have them in Omaha – be sure to check out their huge selection of athletic and outdoor shoe brands!

Thank you to Village Pointe for sponsoring today’s post!  As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own and THANK YOU for supporting the local businesses I partner with! 

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