Saturday Girl Talk + IG Round Up


Hi gal pals and happy Saturday!  Today I’ve rounded up some of my favorite IG looks from the month of April along with my pit and peak of the week!

PEAK #1 // First, yesterday we got to celebrate our amazing coworker and her baby-to-be with a High Tea Shower at our boss’s casa and it was so great!  She is just glowing and I can’t wait to meet her little baby girl!  I’m sure most of you can relate to either having a little one of your own or having friends who are expecting or are new moms, but there is something so special (and it’s truly a miracle!) in watching a friend go through the stages of pregnancy and to hear the stories and moments that they are experiencing along this journey.  I’m so blessed to have the chance to share in this with her and my amazing Team of awesome coworkers!  Great people and energy make work feel not-so-much like work 🙂

PEAK #2 // This girl got herself a new camera lens!  Yes, this is a big deal for two reasons.  One, my knowledge of my camera and all of the technical jargon is really over my head and I’ve been operating at a child-like pace since getting it almost a year ago.  And two, I have been so frustrated and sad with how my pictures are translating from camera to computer to blog to Instagram.  So after much research and asking my fellow blogging beauties, it became clear that a 50mm lens will be a game-changer!  And I dinked around with it last night and already I am over the moon!  We’re shooting blog photos and I am just tickled and can’t wait to share them with all of you next week!

PIT // You guys, I don’t have one.  Literally, I sat here typing this post and drew a blank on this.  I’m sure there were plenty of tiffs and irritating moments at home and at work, but over-all, it was a productive week, I got my workouts in, my dogs got groomed, I worked really hard, and actually got some good sleep!



Scarf // Heels // Pants (similar) // Top // Bag (similar) // Necklace // White Bauble // Gold Spike // Watch


Booties // Jeans // Shirt // Bag // Earrings // Watch


Heels // Jeans // Tunic // Jacket // Bag (similar) // Necklace // White Bauble // Gold Spike // Watch


Heels // Pants // Peplum // Cardigan // Bag (similar) // Necklace


Jeans // Tee // Jacket // Scarf // Clutch (similar) // Earrings


Heels // Dress // Necklace // Bag (similar) // Watch // Ring

Thanks so much for reading and have an awesome day & weekend!

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