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Good morning GFs and a happy Saturday morning to you all!  So here we go with round 2 of Saturday Coffee with Sara and I want to say THANK YOU for your sweet feedback and excitement about this new Saturday series over here on Sabby Style!  Seriously, it made my week.  Your kind words of encouragement make blogging so much better and give me inspiration!


Image // MilkandHoneyLuxuries

PEAK of the week:  Okay, so normally I wouldn’t focus on a material object as my highlight of the week… but gals, I finally got my hands on my dream bag!

When these Kate Spade Beau Bag beauties came out late Summer of 2013, I went weak in the knees.  Obviously the pink and red colorblock speaks to my heart and who can resist the fantastic structure and shape? And the bow … icing on the cake.  But, was I going to spend a cool five-hundie? Nope, tone would have killed me! Mind you, I was working maybe 20 hours a week as an intern while finishing up Grad School so my budget was a bit smaller (emphasis on a bit) than it is now! But still, spending $500 on a bag gives me major heart palpitations.  So imagine my delight when I found this bag for sale on Instagram! I am friends with the seller and have purchased many an items from her in the past, so I knew she was legit and took great care of her items.  So, a couple Benjamin’s later, this baby became mine!  I also found my camel and black Beau Bag on Instagram, too and purchased it for half of the retail price and it was also in mint condition.  Patience pays because I now have two Beau Bags for the price of one.  Personal Victory!


Here are some darling versions of this bag! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 67 & 8

PIT of the week: I am disappointed in myself because I did not work out once this week.  Not once.  And I had been doing so good! Granted, I think my body is fighting off a cold because I have been extremely exhausted right after work, been super groggy in the morning (I walked into my bedroom door, people), and have headaches almost every night (could be PMS), but still.  I had been not making any excuses, working out 4-5 days a week, eating very well, and not drinking alcohol in hopes to jump start my new year and get into better habits and a bikini bod for Hawaii in June!  I know it’s only one week, but I definitely get down on myself when I don’t follow through with my daily goals.  But, onward and upward and there is always tomorrow!

Have an awesome weekend and feel free to share your peak & pit of the week! I’m always here to listen, xo!

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