Saturday Coffee // Me + YOU!

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HOW PERFECT IS THIS MUG?!? It is so me, ask Tony! He knows not to talk to me until I’ve had my morning coffee!

Good morning and happy Saturday, friends! So today we (my work/Team) are hosting our annual Gala and I am so, so excited to finally see it all come together!  The copious amounts of coffee and donuts that are consumed during the weeks leading up to this day, along with the very long hours, are completely worth it when the end of the night comes and we realize we have raised SO much money that goes directly to the 50 programs offered through our agency!  So while you lovers are wining and dining with your men, I’ll be running my tail off and spending the evening with my closest 500 friends!

PIT // Is it bad that I truly cannot come up with something to put here?  It was a very busy week preparing for tonight’s event, but I have an amazing Team and work for an incredible organization, so I really can’t complain over working hard!  But I sure do miss my boys while I’m gone during the day.  As much as I love working and my job, I wouldn’t mind being a stay-at-home blogger/puppy mom/house girlfriend!

PEAK // On Thursday I was inducted into Optimist Club!  My nerd/love-to-be-involved side comes out every Thursday morning when I get up at the crack of dawn to drive 35 minutes to attend the 7am morning Optimist Club with a group of people who are about 50+ years older!  I love meeting new people, forming relationships, and being involved with the community, so while I complain about getting up early, I am honored and so happy to be an official member of this neat club! Raising money for scholarships, supporting local nonprofits, and volunteering is most definitely something I am blessed to be a part of!

BRAGGING MOMENT // So my sweet manfriend (his name is Tony, if you’re a new reader!) is so good about making Valentine’s Day special. I’m not talking cheesy stuff, but like true-blue, we’re best friends and we’re in this together, forever, kind of special.  P.S., And if you haven’t ever bought flowers from Whole Foods, you must! They have the best blooms, and I know I can count on coming home to a bountiful bouquet of my favorite pink roses!  Some years we do gifts, some years we don’t; it all just depends on our budget, recent expenses, etc. but we always take a moment, get each other a card and share how much we appreciate one another.  Since I have my work event tonight, we will exchange cards and gifts on Sunday and then maybe indulge in a little HH!  I don’t need an expensive dinner, in fact, I would rather cook at home together, make some drinks, and get tipsy!

Well ladies, I hope you all have a loved and blessed Valentine’s Day and I am sending hugs and love to you all!  Happy Galentine’s Day, sista-friends!

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