Saturday Coffee // Easter Shopping

Good morning friends and Hoppy Saturday!  Spring is in the air and this is such a beautiful time of year.  There is a sense of renewal and the earth is just about to bloom!  I love celebrating Him with my family and celebrating the life He gave for us.  My favorite tradition is watching the Ten Commandments movie.   It is such a strong and powerful depiction of Moses’ story and his unwavering trust in the Lord.  It has been a personal goal to stay  committed to my daily bible study, so this year, more than ever, I feel blessed, thankful, and knowledgable about this holiday and what the true meaning of Easter is.

Now let’s hop to it and share the Pit and Peak of the week!

PIT //  Tony and I were in a car accident last Saturday night and it was scary!  Thankfully there weren’t any major injuries, aside from Tony having to go to physical therapy for a sore neck.  And his truck should be fixed soon!  But having to deal with insurance, getting a rental car, sharing a car for a few days, and having things up in the air is frustrating and an inconvenience.  It’s just one more thing to add to an already busy plate.  But the most important thing is that both parties walked away and it’s just a reminder to be a defensive driver!

PEAK // Three words… Three. Day. Weekend!  And you know what I did with my day off? I did a major closet overhaul and have a ton of darling items (new and gently used) to list in my Instagram closet! I love, love, LOVE spring cleaning (well cleaning anytime, really) to refresh and make room for new!  So, if you’re in the market for some amazing deals, hop on over to @sarasabscloset and shop your heart away!


Thanks so much for stopping by today and have a Happy Easter, God Bless!

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