Sara’s 2016 Line-Up!!

Hi loves and Happy New Year!!! I love the thrill of endless possibilities and opportunities that come with the fresh start of a new year.  While we should’t wait an entire year to make positive changes and work hard to make our dreams come true, there is nothing more exciting than the moment the clock strikes twelve and we truly have a blank slate.  An entire new year to walk the walk rather than just talking the talk!  So with that being said, here is what I not only plan to do, but what I WILL DO in 2016…

1. Making Better Use of My Time!  I realized that in 2015 I wasted a lot of down time opportunities in which I could have been blogging more, emailing more, engaging on social media more, and taking more photos.  I basically was not being the best version of myself.  I didn’t work out nearly as much as I wanted to/should of, I probably drank too many adult beverages (turns out I don’t recover like I’m 21 anymore!), I didn’t clean my house as much as I should have, and definitely didn’t pull my weight in helping Tony taking care of household & dog duties.  So in 2016 I am going to seize the moment and make the most out of each and every day!

2. Devote Time to Weekly Bible Study!  I have just scratched the surface on my bible study and knowledge and am so eager to dive deep into my faith and the Lord in 2016.  Michelle, myself, and a few of our friends will be starting a women’s bible study group and I am so excited!  And it is a perfect time seeing that Tony and I will begin our marriage classes this month!

3. Bride Bod, Comin’ Atcha!  I am so excited to have partnered with a local fitness facility to help get my buns in gear and get ready for the big day!  I will be doing small and large group training at DeVetter Fitness, along with receiving meal planning and nutritional guidance.  I can’t wait to show you the progress photos in the coming months!

4. Grow Girls Night Omaha!  And because we love looking good AND feeling good, we are going to be hosting a fitness & fashion GNO event in the late Spring that will empower and encourage women of all ages that everyone has the right and access to a life of fitness, health, and fashion!

5.  Wedding Planning Fun!  In case you didn’t know, I’m getting married on December 31st, 2016!  Yes, I am getting married THIS YEAR!  It feels so good to finally say that.  I am working with some incredible vendors and experts in the wedding world!  And we are bringing them all together at one special event on March 3rd“Happily Ever After Hours” with Rhylan Lang & Wedding Essentials Magazine!  This will be a premier bridal event that you will not want to miss with exclusive access to the best of the best in Omaha for all things wedding.  It’s going to be fabulous, girl!

Photography by Brett Brooner

6.  London & Paris Trip!  In March, Michelle, along with our mothers, will be traveling to London and Paris for an adventure of our dreams!  I have been wishing and wanting to visit London and Paris for years and I knew that Michelle, my PIC, would be the perfect person to experience these historical and beautiful places with!  And the icing on the cake… our moms joining us!  Ahh, the memories we will make, I cannot wait!

7.  Get to Saving!  It was a goal of mine to have all my store credit cards paid off by January 1 and I am so proud to say that I did!  Man, those Jcrew & Old Navy balances add up quick.  I have been shopping less and saving more and I plan to take it up a notch in 2016!   I will be starting an IRA and legally forming my Sabby Style business.  It is a dream of mine to be own boss and I will be taking those steps this year.  I can’t say too much right now, but I know for a fact that this year will be full of changes and unknows… and that is awesome!

8.  Become a Morning Person!  We frequently sing the song “Rise and Shine, and give God the Glory Glory!” in our house, but yet I can’t get my buns out of bed early!  Like ever.  And it’s not that I stay up super late either.  I am in bed by 10 or so every night!  So if anyone has any tips on how they get up and moving in the morning, I would love to know!

9.  GET MARRIED!  I know it sounds like a major cliche, but I cannot wait to marry my best friend.  Sure we have some pretty amazing things planned for our big day, from my stunning dress, to a kick-ass DJ, a five-star meal, and the most talented photographers and videographers, all booked and ready to go.  And while it’s easy to get carried away in the minutia and planning details, it really doesn’t matter at all.  All that truly matters is that we’ve got a church, I’ve got a groom, and that when it’s all said and done, we say “I Do.”

What are you gals planning to do in 2016?! Let’s make big plans and hop to it!

All my love,


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