Refocusing My 2018 Goals + Getting Back On Track

Hi friends!  How crazy is it that we are already 1/2 way done with 2018??  I was clearing out my desk yesterday and I stumbled upon a piece of bright pink construction paper that had my 2018 goals written out!  Does anyone else still write their yearly goals and weekly tasks down on paper? I’ve been in such a productivity rut that I swear God was pushing me to declutter my desk on that hot and humid afternoon so I would be forced to take a moment and evaluate where I was at with my 2018 goals!  And to my dismay, I was not even halfway close to achieving them.  So that got me thinking and after some reflecting, I’ve decided that a major refocus was much needed!  I hate that I haven’t stuck with my good intentions of kicking butt in all aspects of my life, but I’m human and struggle just like everyone else.  So to help me get back on track and finish 2018 strong, I’m sharing where I’m at with my goals and how I intend to achieve them!



This was at the top of my list last year and I fell quite short.  I am my mother’s daughter, a natural dilly daddler, and need to work on this!  I also get way too wrapped up in a “perfect feed” and debate way too long on which picture to share or blog post to get up.  So much so that a day or two will pass without being present on the blog or social media.  Life’s not perfect, so I need to work on producing content versus perfecting content!  And in general, I would be a better blog boss, wife, puppy mom, friend, and daughter if I would utilize my time better.  So one of my words for 2018 is seize.  Seize the moment, seize the day, and seize opportunities!

I still struggle with becoming a morning person, but when I do get up and at ’em, I feel SO much more confident and happy with myself because I’m able to tackle my work tasks, as well as keep up with household to-do’s and free up my afternoons & evenings for quality time with Tony!

My goal for July is to resist my cozy bed and head straight to my office once I’m done feeding the boys & giving Roger his insulin at 7:30 in the morning!


I need to make fitness a (much) bigger component of my life and while I want to, I can always find excuses to push it to the next day.  A large hurdle is that I often sleep too late, therefore my days are cut shorter, leaving me less time to take care of my work and personal business.  Becoming a morning person is definitely going to be a challenge for me, but I won’t/can’t change until I take action.  So challenge accepted!

Early bird gets the worm”

I started out strong the beginning of the year, as I completed the Farrell’s Extreme Bodyshaping 10 Week Challenge!  I’ve never completed any fitness challenge or goal, so this was huge for me.  And this was my first time ever trying kickboxing!  I absolutely loved  FXB and joined as a FIT student (unlimited monthly membership) right when my challenge was finished in late March.  But since that challenge ended, it seems my motivation and newfound morning routine also ended, and I’ve been in a big time fitness lull!  I’ve fallen back into sleeping in, staying up too late, not cooking at home, and probably enjoying one too many happy hours with my sweet husband.

My goal for July is to (again, not go back to bed) make it to at least 3 FXB 8:30am classes!  I want to be realistic with where I’m at and I know I need to ease back into the swing of things, so I’m going to give myself some grace if I don’t go 5-6x a week.  Three classes is three more than what I’m currently doing!  

To help track my progress and celebrate daily wins, I plan to purchase a heart rate monitor that I’ll wear during my FXB classes.  A lot of my fellow 8:30-ers wear them and it’s so neat to see in real time how many calories your burning and where your heart rate is at through out the workout!

I’ve also added a step tracker watch to my wardrobe that monitors my steps and keeps me motivated on days that I’m not in the gym!  The new G-Shock S Series combines fashion and function with the light gray and pedometer capability.  This sleek gray option is the latest addition to the Sporty S Series and I love how versatile it is!  The gray hue is a seamless fit to all of my active wear, athleisure wear, and casual daily looks! Click here to view the entire G Shock S Series collection and find one that matches your personal style!

 I’ve tried other step tracker devices but never stuck with them because I felt they didn’t match my personal style, so I ended up taking it off when switching out of my workout gear.  Well that totally defeats the purpose!  This new S Series watch is the perfect choice for me and I’m excited to track my steps – my daily goal is 10,000 steps!  What’s yours?


In 2018 I really want to take my blog content and creativity to the next level!  I remember looking back to a couple years ago and I would be terrified to take blog photos in public.  And now it doesn’t phase me!  I’m proud of how far my photos and shoots have come – from my backyard to very populated areas & walls – but it’s time to push the envelope.  Fashion will always be front and center here on Sabby Style, but you can count on exciting shoots, lots more travel, and also topics on all things home; as we’re embarking on a huge home renovation in the next month or so!

My goal for July is to have a nice mix of fashion-related posts, as well as cover some life happening, travel moments, beauty faves, and big sale alerts!


As I mentioned above, we are about to begin a total first floor remodel and I cannot wait!  We will literally have a brand new house.  We live in a great neighborhood, sit on a big lot, have a nice rambling ranch, and our location is perfect, but it’s time to give our girl a face lift. I look forward to documenting the process and sharing it with all of you!

My goal for July was to submit our plans to the City and that happened last week!  I hope we are approved for our permits the first time around.  If all goes as planned, we should be starting demolition the first part of August!  


I hope the travel bug doesn’t stop biting us because we had a lot of awesome times in 2017!  In February, I traveled to Tampa and then to Dallas in April for work conferences – which of course are an equal amounts of work and play!  In May, Tony and I went to Kansas City for 4 days to see an outdoor country concert, take in a Yankee vs. Royals baseball game, the expected trip to Nordstrom and the Legends Outlet Mall, and lots of patio hopping through all of Westport and Downtown KC!

T and I are headed back to KC the first weekend of August and I’m so excited!  Kansas City is just a short 2.5-3 hour drive from Omaha, and as it turns out, we have quite a few friends that live and visit there quite often, so it seems that we always run into familiar faces, which makes it that much more fun!

As most of you know, Tony and I LOVE to visit Mazatlan, Mexico and that we spent almost  6 weeks there in 2017.  I didn’t think we were going to make it there this year – between the house remodel and potentially getting pregnant – but none of those things has happened yet, so I think we’re planning another getaway for mid-October through the beginning of November!  We literally live our best lives while in Maz, so I’m hoping it all works out.  If we don’t go, I will go to Nashville in October for a family friend’s Bachelorette Party!  So either way, I’m covered haha.

This is one goal that I can check off my list!


I hope and pray that God will bless us with a baby this year.  Ideally we would try and be successful in the Summer, but I know it’s not up to me and His plans are far greater than mine, so it’s kind of silly to even try and make a timeline!  But nevertheless, it’s our hope to get pregnant with baby Roth this year!

We plan to wait until we have our upcoming Mexico trip under our belt!  

I would love to know how you girls are coming along with your 2018 Goals!  Please leave any motivational tips in the comment section!

Thank you to G-Shock for sponsoring today’s post!  As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.  Thank you for all of your love & support! xoxo

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