Pit & Peak of the Week!

Hi sister-friends! I feel terrible that there hasn’t been a pit & peak of the week post in a while and I am here to tell you all, I vow to be a better blogging babe!  I’m kind of going through a mid-life crisis/what does life have in store for me/I want to blog & personal style full-time/but I love my job/OMG I’m turning 30 next week/re-evaluating 2015 goals, etc, etc.  Thanks for your patience, kindness, and your reading eyes that come and visit me when I post (and even when I don’t)!  You all mean the world to me and without this outlet, I truly wouldn’t feel like myself.


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Okay, sappy moment over, and let’s get on with the Pit & Peak of the Week!

PIT // I came down with strep throat! Boo 🙁 I can’t tell you the last time I was sick and man, oh, man, it was no bueno! Thankfully I have a great job that is very flexible and allows us to log-in and work from home when we’re feeling down and out.  But the antibiotics are getting their groove on in my system and I’m feeling much better! Thanks for all the well wishes and healthy vibes on IG!

PEAK // Two words… Shark. Week.  Yes, I seriously loooooove Shark Week! My favorite times of the year are the start of Creighton basketball season, Christmas, oh and yes, shark week.  I have always been fascinated with marine life and wanted to be a marine biologist when I grew up! Though I may have not gone down that career path, my love for marine life (well, and all animals, really) has never faded and I enjoy learning more and more about those deep sea wonders!  I have always wanted to go to Sea World ever since I was a little girl, but then that documentary called Black Fish came out and then my despise for Sea World began and that dream died, so I live out my curiosity and awe of those animals through Shark Week and hefty doses of Whale Wars, and lots of Discovery Channel watching, too!

I hope you all have an awesome day and weekend and thanks so much for reading today!

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