Pit, Peak, and a Bold Tunic…

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Hey GF’s and happy Saturday!  How was everyone’s week?!  I sure hope it was smooth and swift 🙂  So this  Saturday Coffee & Girl Chat  post is taking a hybrid move this week and I’m combining my pit & peak of the week with an outift post!  Why you ask? A.) This tunic is the bees knees and I couldn’t wait one more second to share it with you! And B.) See point A.

PIT // Is it bad that I a predominant pit doesn’t come to mind? Sure, things happen throughout the week and every minute of work and home life isn’t perfect, but honestly as I am writing this post, I can’t think of something that was “pit-enough” to remember or jot down.  Trust, this doesn’t happen often so I’ll take it when I can get it and let’s just celebrate this rare occasion!

PEAK // Getting my hair did, yo!  I feel like a brand new woman!  I haven’t had this short of hair since high school and it. feels. so. good.  Don’t get me wrong, I have really nice, healthy long hair that grows quickly and can be styled a variety of ways!  But…. I was wearing it “up” about 5-6 days out of 7 and I just got to the point where it was like what is the freakin’ point of long locks when I nor anyone else sees it!  Not to mention I never felt like I had a style.  Sure I could “style” it but it would only stay for 20 minutes and then it was flat and falling and I’ve had enough!  So quite a few inches later and some darling low and high-lights, I feel like a new gal!  I can’t wait to go even lighter in the color department and I have complete trust in my new Hair Whisperer, Randi!

Okay, onto Part B… This. Top.

Hello gorgeous Apache Tunic from Jess Lea Boutique is so beautiful.  The colors are brilliantly bright and the print is fun and bold, but yet lends itself to play up distressed jeans, a great pair of heels and some fabulous jewelry! The length is lovely and it’s a light-weight material, which makes for the perfect spring top!  I’m envisioning denim cut-offs, those darling nude sandals that have jewels or studs on them, and a neon handbag!  Or heyyyyyy white jeans… this top will pair marvelously with these colors!


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Apache Tunic c/o Jess Lea Boutique // Denim // Heels // Earrings // Necklace // Watch

Thanks so so SO much for reading today and have an amazing weekend!

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