No Fuss Summer Hair Care Routine with LUSH

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Hi friends and a happy Monday to y’all!  After receiving SO MANY questions about my hair routine – most specifically how I achieve loads of volume and how I go dayyyyys without washing it, yet it still looks fresh – I decided it was high time to bring the answers to ze blog!  I may not be super savvy when it comes to the latest makeup trends and skin care products, but when it comes to my locks, I take my head of hair very seriously!  Especially in the Summertime – a no fuss, easy routine is a must.  I recently had a first time shopping experience at LUSH Cosmetics at Village Pointe and I found five products that have already changed my hair game!  In fact, these photos were taken FOUR DAYS after washing and styling with my new LUSH products.  I couldn’t believe how easy my style came back to life with a quick dusting of the dry shampoo and a light spritz of the Sea Spray!

Have you ever shopped at LUSH?  As I mentioned above, this was my first time shopping there and I immediately was warmly greeted by a friendly associate named Rain, who was incredibly knowledgeable and really helped me pin-point exactly what my needs were.  I shared right away that washing my hair often is just not my thing haha so naturally we stepped over to where the dry shampoo lives.  I’ve actually been on the hunt for the perfect dry shampoo (it’s embarrassing how much $$$ I’ve spent at Walgreens, Target, and Sephora!), so I was excited to try their No Drought dry shampoo product!  Though I was a little skeptical about the application process and didn’t want to get my hopes too high, especially with it being a white powder.  But what kind of blogger would I be if I didn’t scour the ends of the earth in search of the best dry shampoo?!!  And after I used the words “volume and texture” like 5,000000x, Rain insisted I try the Sea Spray!  You guys, this spray smells so so good.  I have used salt sprays in the past and love how much texture and volume they give, so I was excited to try their version!

Then I met Shiloh, who was just as wonderful as Rain, and her and I powwowed about shampoo and conditioner!  I told her that big hair with lots of volume is a must but I hate when conditioner is too heavy and ends up leaving residue, making my hair greasier sooner than later, which is a big no-no.  Shiloh recommended their BIG shampoo, which is actually made with sea salt, so the texture is way different than anything I’ve ever used!  After we nailed down the shampoo, we then discussed conditioner possibilities.  We landed on American Cream, which is a nice middle of the road conditioner that is nourishing but won’t weigh your hair down like a mask or as a leave in conditioner would!   Just as I was about to head to the register, I saw the Hair Custard jar and was immediately intrigued!  And boy oh boy does it smell like tasty custard.  This paste-like product gives you more texture and volume (duh, sign me up) and also acts as a heat protectant before using your hot tools!

I literally dread washing my hair, but was for once, dare I say EXCITED to use my new products and share my results and thoughts with you girls!  Keep on reading for the 411 🙂

STEP 1:  The BIG Shampoo.  I’ve never used a product like this, so I was thankful that Shiloh took me to the test sink and simulated the wash process using the BIG with my own hand!  She showed me approximately how much I should use for my length of hair and after we gave my hand a good scrub down (she started on my arm but I couldn’t wash my spray tan off haha!), I couldn’t get over how delicious it smelled!  Oh and my hand was as smooth as a baby’s bottom.  So fast forward to my weekly wash and using BIG for the first time… OBSESSED.  My hair has never felt cleaner, but not only that, it felt nourished and just down right alive again!

NOTE – this shampoo is not meant for every day use.  If you are an every 1-3 day washer, then use this once a week to get a deep clean on your scalp as well as getting that volume that will last you days on end!

STEP 2: The American Cream Conditioner.  As I mentioned above, this is a great middle of the road conditioner!  It also smells amazing!  It’s made with strawberries, vanilla, honey, lavender, and oranges and worked wonders on my ends.  I’ve gone a few too many weeks without getting a trim, and honestly this product gave my ends a little life!

STEP 3: The Hair Custard.  After I had my wet hair up in a microfiber towel for about 20 minutes or so, I brushed my hair and then generously applied this yellow cream!  It already takes me a lengthy amount of time from start to finish to get myself ready and out the door on my hair washing days, so I’m all for products that do double-duty.  The Hair Custard moisturizes, fights frizz, gives you added hold, and protects from the heat of drying & curling with Argan oil, fair trade organic cocoa butter and softening honey!  And the fair trade vanilla pod infusion leaves behind the most delightful vanilla perfume.  If you’re looking to slim down your routine, I would highly recommend this tasty hair treat!

STEP 4: The Sea Spray.  After I’ve applied the Hair Custard and dried my hair part way, I spritzed my hair with the Sea Spray and then finished drying.  And afterwards… holy moly… I had ALL.THE.VOLUME.  I seriously looked like a lion haha.  I then brushed out my hair and used a 1.25 barrel iron to curl my hair.  After all my hair is curled, I then use my fingers to brush through and pull pieces apart for a more beachy, tousled look!

NOTE – I use this spray almost every day when I’m recreating my style in between washes. Simply just give your head a few sprays and use your fingers to scrunch and shake in order to achieve those messy waves!

STEP 5: The No Drought Dry Shampoo.  I typically don’t use dry shampoo the very next day after washing, but if you are on a more frequent wash schedule, I would encourage you to use this on Day 2 aka right away, as this powder literally sucks up your excess oils and leaves your hair looking brand spanking new!  I was nervous about using a powder form for two reasons: 1.) I have darker roots and was afraid it would leave white residue and 2.) a powder seems harder to control.  But after Rain, the super sweet sales associate showed me how easy it was to use, I felt 100% confident trying it at home!  Simply tilt the bottle downwards towards your scalp and oil areas and shake a tiny bit.  I personally let the powder sit for a few minutes (as I do with all of my dry shampoos), so it could really soak up the oil and do it’s job properly!  After about five minutes, I took my fingers to my scalp and rubbed the powder in and it worked like a charm!

NOTE – If you accidentally pour too much onto your head, simply tilt your head down over your sink and gently pat on your scalp in which the excess falls out!

These FIVE easy-to-use and good for animals, the environment, and people products have honestly gotten me excited again about hair care and now I’m a forever LUSH Cosmetics fan!  Are you?!?

I would love to know what your holy grail LUSH products are, as I’ll be adding many more of their products to my lineup!

Thank you to my friends at Village Pointe for partnering with me on today’s LUSH Cosmetics post!  100% all thoughts and opinions expressed are sincerely my own!  xoxo


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