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Photography by Michelle Bazis

Hi friends and happy Tuesday!  How was your weekend? We survived our two-day marriage retreat, praise Jesus!  Literally.  I’m so thankful that we “had” to do this before we get married, because even after 8.5 years of being together and 7.5 years of living together (or “shacking up”, as it was referred to in class!), there are still so many mysteries to discover within one another.  It definitely got us talking about topics and discussing how we interpreted different issues and ideas.  The major takeaway was, that as a married couple, we have ONE very IMPORTANT goal, and that is to help each other get to heaven!  It may sound silly, but truly that is a big task, and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly.  We have the responsibility to one another, and to God, to try and help each other be the best possible versions of ourselves!

So what do you have planned for the week and upcoming weekend? I’m excited to get back to boot camp at DeVetter Fitness!  I had to miss Saturday morning due to our retreat, and Monday morning because Michelle and I had to shoot blog looks before she goes out of town tomorrow.  So, getting my bride-to-be butt whipped into shape is priority #1!  I also need to figure out what I’m going to get Tony for his birthday!  He turns the big 3-4 on Thursday and I have zero clue what I’m going to give him.  I mean, what do you buy someone that a.) is so selfless that he doesn’t want you to spend money, so he won’t tell you what he wants, b.) already owns a lifetime of golf clubs, shoes, clothes, etc. – so that’s out, and c.) the man has more shoes than I do!  I must admit that I used to get very creative when it came to gifts in the early years, but last year, I hit the lowest of the lows and I didn’t even get him a present!  Awful, I know.  Trust me, he still reminds me of my suckiness! So this year I have a lot of making up to do!  At least we’re going to the Chicago Bulls vs. Atlanta Hawks basketball game that night, so it’s guaranteed to be a great birthday for him!

Lady friends, If you have any gift ideas, please email me – I would be forever grateful!

Signed, bad gift-giving fiancé.

Now, about these neutral accessories!  My exact nude pumps (sososo comfy!) are on major sale, and fully stocked, for under $50 plus free shipping!  I wear these things every where.  When I worked a 9-5, they made an appearance at least 3x a week.  They also look great with jeans and instantly dress up/chic up any outfit!  It also doesn’t hurt that they’re the perfect match to my new favorite color block cross body bag!  This beauty is a designer dupe (the designer range is $1,600+) but this little baby only costs you $30!  I never used to buy smaller purses because I couldn’t imagine leaving the house without all of my essentials…. I’m like a walking Walgreens.  But after seeing so many of my fellow blogging friends leave their totes at home in exchange for sleek and minimal cross body bags, I was like ok, ok girl, I see you!  And now I’m hooked.  My mini bag stash went from 1 to 20 and I’m not sorry.  Even those bigger satchels that have a removable cross body strap still can give you the hands-free and no-fuss look!  And to top off my neutral accessories, these cat eye sunnies are an awesome, and affordable pair of sunglasses that add just enough pizazz to any look! They’re under $20 plus an additional 20% off with code sabby20 from Shop Suey Boutique!


img_9496 img_9482

img_9492 img_9485

Blouse – from last year, pretty colors in same style – Blue, Pink,  Purple/Gray, White,  & Green/Blue – all ship ship for free! // Similar Denimunder $94 and Hereunder $50both ship for free! // Exact Heelson sale for under $50 and free shipping! // Sunnies c/o Shop Suey Boutique – code sabby20 for 20% off! // Cross Body Bagunder $30! // Similar Tassel Necklace // Monogram Necklace // Earrings // Watch // Tassel Bracelets // Sabby Style Bracelet Set


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