My Favorite Outfit and Why (It’s So Much More)

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Hey babes and happy Friday eve!  I know I say “this is my favorite” a lot, because hey, I like clothes and ish, BUT this outfit is LITERALLY my favorite!  Wanna know why???

I love blogging, creating, writing and sharing all of that with you.  But what a lot of people don’t realize is that there is a whole lotta behind-the-scenes work that goes into producing these posts.  I’m not complaining whatsoever!  I say this, because just like with any other job or career, burnout happens and sometimes you feel less inspired and ponder all of life’s big questions.  In the 3+ years of running Sabby Style, my gusto has ebbed and flowed, and I’ve been open about that with you many times.  But because YOU come back each and every day, so do I.  I may be styling clothes, shoes, bags, & jewelry, but there is SO much more to it.

I’ve experienced many a’years that included zero ounces of personal style or direction, and I never felt 100% “me”.  Sure I had cute clothes and I was a cute teenager, so I never looked terrible, but my identity was not in my clothes, it was in my athletic activities.  I was a tomboy and lived & breathed soccer, so I spent all day, every day in cleats and jerseys.  And I went to a private Catholic school and wore a uniform for 12 years, so the only way to express myself was through my shoes (which explains so much haha).  My dad worked tirelessly to provide for his family, and though we always had what we needed, my sister and I heard “no” a lot.  Our money was spent on private education, sports, and extra-curricular activities, not on clothes.  And my college years were filled with Forever21 mishaps, a fake bake tan, white raccoon eyes, and Ed Hardy t-shirts… no need to say more!  It wasn’t until I was in Graduate school and landed my first big internship that I started to find my style.  I’ve always gravitated towards bright colors and patterns, but never knew how or when to wear them.  I’m also a firm believer in education and that a degree (of any kind) is one thing that no one can take away from you, and by nailing Grad school (4.0 y’all!), my confidence cup runneth over and I felt like a total bad ass!  I honestly think that the inner confidence I had in my smarts gave me the push to show the world that I am a bright young woman and I better dress the part!

 Fast forward to Thursday, May 18th, 2017 and my favorite outfit!  Yes, I love this fabulous and fun OTS top, and my hair looks on fleek, and these gold hoops are giving me college feels all over again (in a good way though!), but I love this outfit for SO much more than that.  I love this outfit because I look as confident as I feel!  I honestly and truly do enjoy everything I wear and share here on Sabby Style, but when an outfit is 1000000% “you” and the pictures completely capture your happiness and essence (not to be dramatic!), it reassures me that I DO have passion for fashion and that God blessed me with this job to inspire other women to find their own passion for fashion!
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This post was sponsored by Dreamboat Boutique.  All thoughts are sincerely my own!  Thank you for supporting the brands & businesses that support Sabby Style! xoxo

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