Mellow Yellow Monday

Hello ladies and Happy Monday! What’s happy about a Monday? Well, particularly nothing, but it is another day that we all get to rise and shine, be thankful for the good things and make the day our B!  But why, oh why does the weekend have to fly by?!  OH and I had to get my oil changed first thing this morning; apparently running on 2% oil life is frowned upon! Not to mention that it was only twenty-some degrees this morning; no bueno! Doesn’t mother nature know that it is officially Spring, which calls for open-toed shoes and time to ditch the tights??? Apparently not.  So I had to incorporate some bright and cheery hues into my layered wardrobe to account for the chilly commute this morning!

First, let me start by saying that if you do not own a wool, fully lined pencil skirt; get one. Seriously, they are a must! I have them in a variety of colors and they are perfect for those cold, Fall and Winter (and apparently Spring) days.  They keep me toasty warm all day; and not mention, they are super flattering and wear very well, leaving minimal wrinklage (yes I know that’s not a word)!

So for today’s look, I paired this bright yellow skirt with a classic navy and white gingham button-down. Okay, I’m going to point out the obvious, but I LOVE gingham! I’m pretty sure I have one in every color. With such versatility and variety; they are a working gal’s dream!

Side note, I am having a tassel-obsessed moment and these Cathryn Ann Designs suede leather tassel bracelets are EVERYTHING.  She was so sweet and kind to send them my way and I just love the colors she chose! Many more pictures to come, I assure you!

Okay, back to the topic at-hand!  Throw on a gorgeous J. Crew statement necklace, those leopard booties that I literally wear every-other day, and my all-time favorite pink and camel Kate Spade satchel = Monday isn’t so bad friends!

As I have shared with you in previous posts, over the past six months or so I have begun to edit my wardrobe and really slim it down!  I have gotten rid of tons and tons of items; most were brand new or practically brand new! And it really made me think and reflect upon my shopping habits and purchases.  This also goes back to my quest to have fewer, better things.  I’ve got the ‘better things’ concept down, it’s just that other part of ‘fewer’ that I am having trouble with! Anywho, with all that being said, I feel that I finally have a solid wardrobe with pieces that be constantly mixed and matched and can be worn with everything! I did not purchase any of the pieces I am wearing today at the same time, but they somehow work perfectly together! And I think it is because I have been really trying to think about where my moolah is going (how long will I own it? What do I already own that I can wear it with? Is it good quality? etc etc.) Which leaves me with solid, wardrobe essentials that can be worn a hundred times over and I still can find fresh and new ways to wear them!

What pieces do you consider to be wardrobe staples? And how do you shop? (sale, investment, etc?) I would love to know!

Booties: Target (similar)|Skirt: Jcrew (similar)|Bag: Kate Spade (similar)|Gingham: Jcrew (similar)|Necklace: Jcrew

Thanks for stopping by and Cheers to a speedy work-week!

xoxo, Sara

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