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Hellooooo…. It’s me! Gosh it’s been two weeks since I’ve blogged and I must apologize for being delinquent!  I have missed my friends, I really have.  This blog is not only an outlet for my creative spirit and style, but it has also led me to meet so many wonderful and inspiring women.  It’s those women who say “I would have never thought to put those two things together” or “You look cute but I could never pull that off” that keep my passion and  motivation going strong.  I want you to know that my heart is devoted to this blog.  I feel beyond grateful that I can meet, reach, touch, and inspire and I also receive those same gifts from many women in this industry and from those of you who follow along and share your story with me!

You’ve heard me say quite a few times over the past six months that big changes are coming, and I can finally share the big news.  As of June 31st, I will be running this bloggity blog full-time!  It feels awesome, scary, and exciting to say that aloud!  Like holy shite!!!! I will officially be done at my current job on June 30th.  For those of you who don’t know, I currently am an Event Planner/Development Coordinator for a local nonprofit here in Omaha, NE.  I really like my job and love my coworkers and Team, so this decision was not an easy one to come by.  But after almost a year of contemplating, praying, thinking, praying, and praying, I decided that life is too short not to follow your dreams.  With no risk, there’s no reward, so I’m going to devote all of my energy and time to growing my business and dreams.  I will be putting my whole heart and soul into Sabby Style!  I would not be taking this leap of faith if I weren’t already succeeding as an influencer.  I also wouldn’t take this leap if I didn’t have the support from Tony, my parents, family, and friends.  And most of all, I wouldn’t take this leap if I didn’t have faith in God’s plan for ME!  I know He put this crazy passion and belief on my heart for a reason.  I feel as if I’ve just scratched the surface and am beyond excited to see what the future has in store for me.

So what does this mean for YOU?!?  Well lots and lots of fresh, consistent, content!  We will be diving into my world and and I can’t wait to share it with all of you.  Of course I will continue to share my personal style, outfits, sale alerts, and latest cravings, but I will also be documenting our home renovation, the next six months leading up to our wedding, our travel plans, family plans, faith, friendship, blogging how-to’s, hair tutorials, my beauty routine, fitness/health/eats, date night ideas, what’s fun to do in Omaha, our weekend snapshots, and anything else related to this little life of mine!

With my deepest sincerity and gratitude, thank you all for your support, love, kind feedback, words of wisdom, honest insight, and well wishes!  I can’t wait to see where this next chapter will take us!

Cheers, babes!


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