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Hi gals! How was your weekend and the first week back to work of 2016?! As we begin the second full week of this new year, I wanted to round-up some great workout gear options (that won’t break the bank!) because if you don’t feel good in what you’re wearing, then chances are, the more excuses you’ll find to skip the gym and go straight for happy hour, or your PJs!  And this year, I am sticking to my resolutions.  Plus I find that new workout duds always puts a pep in my step!Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 7.21.47 PM

Black Sweatshirt // Gray Criss-Cross Back Tank // Black Pullover // Gray Grid Back Tank // Black Reflective Pullover // Black Mesh Racerback Sports Bra 

Camo Capri Leggings // Black & White Shorts // Cutout Black Capri Leggings // Gray/Teal Shorts // Floral/Leaf Print Capri Leggings // Never Stop Leggings

Tennies 1 // Tennies 2 // Tennies 3 // Tennies 4

And speaking of resolutions, my top goal/vow to myself for the year 2016 was to work out way, way more.  Turns out when you turn 30, your metabolism slows down a bit and the pounds don’t simply fall off after a week or two of eating clean and drinking gallons of water.  And with this little thing called my wedding approaching in less than a year, I have promised myself that I will be in the best shape I can possibly be and actually for once, feel good and LOOK good come summertime!  But, I have tried the gym thing and also tried the workout at home thing, and nothing has stuck.  I would find any and all excuses to skip that workout.

As the new year was quickly approaching,  I was unsure as to exactly how I was going to get this amazing body I dreamt of… because Lord knows I am not a fitness professional by any means.  Sure, sure, I can lift some weights, run some miles, and eat pretty good.  But clearly that hasn’t gotten me to my goal yet.

Well the stars aligned when I ran into my former sorority sister, Jeannine, back in August and it just so happens that her husband owns a fitness facility!  She mentioned that they would love to help me get into the best shape of my life for my wedding and I shared that I had been trying to figure out how and where I was going to do just that!  I expressed my hesitation at the thought of joining a gym and shared that I haven’t worked out in approximately six months.  Embarrasing, I know.  But to my serious delight, their facility, DeVetter Fitness is not your typical gym.  In fact, it’s not a gym at all, whew!  But it is a place where the most serious and trained professionals kick your butt and that hour training session seriously flies by!

I love DeVetter Fitness because there aren’t any creepy eyes lingering, and there isn’t anyone judging you on your technique (or lack thereof in my case) because we are all trying to reach one simple goal… to be the best versions of ourselves.  Everyone is of different ages, genders, body types, careers, married, single, etc. and it doesn’t matter whether you exercise every day or you haven’t exercised in years.  The philosophy at DeVetter Fitness is that life is a marathon not a sprint. As a DeVetter Fitness Client, I will not be asked to make extreme, unhealthy sacrifices for the sake of short-term results. Instead, I have been encouraged to find activities that are effective, sustainable throughout your lifetime. Which is the key to making those good habits stick for the long haul!  

The staff at DeVetter Fitness are seriously so kind and patient.  John and Emily both walked me through the workouts my first week and showed me exactly how to do them.  I never felt on my own or feared to ask any questions.  They encourage every individual to reach their personal best each session.  And because it’s not a gym, there are no walk-ins/randoms popping in.  It is a safe, inviting environment where the only thing people are focused on is getting healthy.  From one-on-one training to small group personal training to boot camps, they help you find the right solution for your needs.  Each session focuses on strength training, cardiovascular activity, and healthy eating habits that will lead to results that last much longer than short-term fad diets.  I am extremely excited to tackle this new year and to see all that my body can do!  Stay tuned for progress pictures and check-ins to hear about all that I am learning, doing, and trying!

I would love to know what workouts/exercise programs you love and are sticking to in 2016!

All my love,


This post brought to you by DeVetter Fitness, all opinions are my own.

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