Before we get into the Deets regarding this skirt and sweater, let me fill you in on a shopping secret that every fashion-forward and budget-savvy gal should know…. Shopping on IG! I’m sure many of you ladies already know this, but if you did not, You Are Welcome…trust me!  One of my favorite closets is brought to you by The Double Take Girls and White Coat Wardrobe! Steph, Lindsay and Whitney have joined forces and created Blogger Closets! This is where I purchased this brand new, with tags, The Limited houndstooth skirt, along with many other items (shhh don’t tell Tone!)  Some other favorite IG closets that I frequently shop, include: A Glamour Girl’s Closet, Shop Sarah Chamness, and Juliet316! If you haven’t already scoped out these closets, I would highly recommend because they sell brand new and gently used items at unbelievable price-points!

Bracelet| Watch | Sweater | Booties |Bag | Necklace | Skirt

Houndstooth… I’m a little ashamed to admit, but this is the first item of said print that I have ever owned! Sad/Lame/Boo/All-of-the-above….but, it’s called pushing those personal boundaries.  So, here I am and Lord, let it be known that I am loving this print! First, a fully-lined, wool skirt is your winter life-saver.  Secondly, wearing it with an equally fun and interesting sweater and a dash of leopard thus results in a comfy and chic work-look! Add thick black tights, your go-to booties, and a rather large poof of a pony; and there you have it folks = Sara Sab (dirty hair) (It’s flippin’ cold) ( but I’m still professional) style!

Old Navy Sweater: is it a Bully or a Boston? I’m sure opinions differ and if I look reeeeeal hard, I swear it looks exactly like my angel shihtzu puppy, Franklin!  Regardless… I love it! I have worn this sweater two-times prior because, a.) I’m a sucker for anything pup related (please refer to IG and FB for dog obsession/advocation), and b.) It is a great fitting sweater that exudes just enough detail and funk, but yet is still work appropriate (and I work in local city government people!)  Here is how I styled it the two other times I wore it!

Flannel | Booties | Pants | Bag | Necklace

When in doubt, layer that baby up with some Jcrew flannel goodness, miracle pants (aka Royalty by YMI), a great necklace and you are set my friends! If you reside in warmer climates; disregard the flannel and just go with the miracle pants and stunning necklace! If you have been victim of the ‘SNOWPOCLYPSE’ then we are mad/irritated/envious and really jealous of those that have not had to endure the tremendous cold temps and ridiculous amounts of snow! Wherever you may reside, either layer up or rock those open-toe shoes and think of those suffering in the freezing Midwest!

Skirt (similar)

And does this #ootd familiar? Yes.  I copied a previous look (I blame it on the lack of sleep and the simple fact that I loved this pairing)  and switched out the geometric Jcrew pencil skirt and added the Houndstooth wool skirt!

Thanks for stopping by and Cheers to a great day!

xoxo, Sara

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