His and Hers Valentine’s Day Looks with Village Pointe + How We Celebrate

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Hey babes and happy Fri-YAY!  How was your week?  Mine was jam packed with workouts, lots of blog work, great phone chats with potential It Works! clients and business partners, and playing catch up from my trip to Tampa last weekend.  I’m ready to unwind tonight with a new adult beverage (think Beer and Rosé) while tuning in to the Opening Ceremonies!  I LOVE the Olympics.  I have so many great memories from my childhood of watching the Olympics with my parents and sister.  And this year, more than ever, I’m really looking forward to the positive, unity, and sportsmanship that the Olympic Games bring!  Fun Fact – the Winter Olympics always falls on or around my mom’s birthday, so we have the Co-lympics (her name is Collene but goes by CoCo for short!) party where we play games, win medals, and bring foods that represent our nationality!  Do you girls do anything extra fun for the Olympics?!

The Olympics are an added bonus this year to a fun February!  With my mom’s birthday and Valentine’s Day, we have plenty to celebrate in our family.  Which brings me to today’s post… we have a special guest!  Everyone, let me introduce you to my sweet, funny, and oh-so-handsome husband, Tony!  Usually T is behind the iPhone and is the best Instagram husband.  For anyone who knows us, you’ve seen or heard about his “1,2, click” routine for when he snaps my daily #ootd pictures haha.  We’ve got those pictures down to a science and he’s such a great sport about it.  But it was time to get him on the blog and I’m so happy to have him join me for a fun Valentine’s Day shoot!

When I’m asked how we celebrate Valentine’s Day, I honestly don’t have one specific answer.  Every year is different and after TEN Valentine’s Days together, we’ve done it all!    Here are a few of our favorite ways to celebrate the Holiday of Love…

GIFTS:  The very first year we started dating, I made a big mistake and told Tony that “I don’t need flowers.  They’re just a waist of money.”  I clearly was trying to impress him and wanted to appear to be a low-maintenance gal.  Who am I kidding?!  I buy flowers every time I go to Trader Joe’s haha.  Well turns out that Tony is a great listener and took my words to heart.  However, the one day out of the year that I get flowers is always on Valentine’s Day.  Even though I know it’s coming, it’s a tradition that I cherish!  On the 13th, he’ll head to Whole Foods (PS, they have the best flowers ever!) and will pick up dozens of roses – from pink, red, yellow, orange, and white – and then put vases all around the house.  It may not be a surprise anymore but it still melts my heart!

I’m a huge fan of cards and truly enjoy finding the perfect one for each person!  It’s also super fun to buy cards that now say “For my Husband” 🙂  I also keep all my cards, as well as other tokens from momentous occasions.  Being able to go back and read messages from loved ones, especially after they’ve passed away, is such a blessing!  When it comes to gifts, some years we’ve gone all out where we’ve set a budget for gifts and/or have chosen things that we want, and other years we’ve just done cards.  It honestly just depends on how busy the month is or if we’ve recently made a big purchase!  Last year Valentine’s Day was on the heels of that big party we threw aka our wedding and we spent two weeks in Mexico for our honeymoon, so needless to say no one got gifts haha.  This year I’ve got my eyes set on a purse!  I’ll probably have to pitch it as an “early anniversary, birthday, and Christmas gift” but I’m hopeful he makes the “smart” decision… Happy Wife, Happy Life!

And truly, after a decade together, we sometimes just go shopping together to see if anything strikes our fancy.  Village Pointe is always at the top of our shopping destination list because of the large variety of retailers!  Whether we’re on the hunt for a new purse, new shoes, activewear, dress attire, or are in-need of beauty products or cold pressed juices for the week, we never leave Village Pointe empty handed!

I picked up my cozy pink sweater and colorful tassel earrings are from Francesca’s and my adorable two-sided polka dot clutch is from Maurices – both at Village Pointe!  And we found Tony’s pink button down shirt and gray pullover from Jos. A. Banks, also at Village Pointe!

AFTERNOON MOVIE:  For our very first Valentine’s Day together, Tony surprised me with movie tickets to see Confessions of a Shopaholic!  Fitting, right? We don’t go to the movies very often, but we always see one for Valentine’s Day!  Our favorite theater is Marcus Village Pointe Cinema because of it’s super convenient location to our house and there’s a plethora of restaurants to choose from for our after movie treat!

HAPPY HOUR:  We’re a pretty casual couple, so fancy restaurants really aren’t our scene.  But we love to go out for happy hour!  After our movie, we’ll decide what we’re in the mood for and then conveniently walk to the restaurant from the theater.  We’ve become happy hour aficionados due to our youngest dog being a diabetic, meaning we have to be home by 7pm every night to administer his insulin.  One of our all-time FAVORITE places to go for happy hour is Kona Grill!  We’ve celebrated so many different occasions there; from birthdays, to anniversaries, and Valentine’s Day, it’s always a go-to spot for us.  We love sushi, but if that’s not your jam, they have really great shrimp tacos, chicken satay, and a delicious BBQ flatbread!  I also love their Margaritas and Kentucky Mules!

Two other great happy hour options at Village Pointe include Firebirds Grill and Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse.  We always sit in the bar/lounge area when we go for happy hour and they both have really awesome specials!  At Firebirds, the Double Black Diamond Martini is always my top choice and their pretzel with beer cheese appetizer is a must-get.  When we visit Johnny’s, I always opt for a glass of house red wine and Tony and I share the Bruschetta appetizer!

COOKING DINNER AT HOME:  Tone and I love to cook together.  For our first Valentine’s Day, after the movie, we cooked aka attempted to make lasagna.  Since then our cooking skills have come along way and to this day we still love to plan meals and try new dishes!  Over the years we’ve become homebodies, thanks to Roger’s diagnosis, and enjoy finding new shows to watch on Netflix.  We’re currently loving the Blacklist, so we’ll definitley try and get in a few episodes after dinner!

DESSERT:  Tony has the.biggest.sweet.tooth.known.to.man.  And I would be a-okay if I never had a cookie, piece of chocolate, or candy ever again!  I didn’t even have a piece of our wedding cake!  Who else is the complete opposite of your significant other in this regard?  Sweet treats is a non-negotiable for my hubby, so I try to find a fun recipe on Pinterest!  I’m not the best baker, but as long as it tastes good, he’s happy!

I would love to know how you girls celebrate Valentine’s Day!

This post is sponsored by & in partnership with Village Pointe!  All thoughts expressed are sincerely my own.  Thank you for supporting the businesses that allow me to operate Sabby Style full time! xoxo

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