Good Shoes Take You Places… Talking about Transitional Style with Village Pointe Part 3: How to Wear Tennis Shoes + White Jeans


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Hi friends and happy Tuesday!  I mentioned in yesterday’s post that this past weekend I spoke at a conference and during that talk, I shared some fun facts about my background and how I came to be on this blogging journey.  One of the things that might surprise someone is that I went to private school from 1st to 12th grade and wore a uniform every single day during the school year!  The only way to express myself and personal style was through my shoes, and that’s where I believe my love for footwear started haha.  I’ve always said that a good pair of shoes can change your life, and while some may think that’s a bit dramatic, I disagree.  The shoes we wear are a direct reflection of our passions, hobbies, and careers.  They carry us from place to place, and from one season of life to the next.  For me, Doc Martens mark my high school days.  ADIDAS Samba tennis shoes mark my soccer days.  Birkenstocks mark my college years.  Uggs mark my Grad school days.  Flip flops mark my bartending years.  High heels mark my nonprofit career.  And now wedges, booties, & cute sneaks mark my current phase of life!

When I spotted this Good Shoes Take You Places shirt at Old Navy out at Village Pointe, I knew it would be perfect for this look!  So today I’m back at it with VP to showcase the third way to wear these double-denim sneakers as we go from Summer to Fall!

In the first post, I paired them with cutoff shorts and a cozy fleece sweatshirt, which is a great look for those casual days when it’s warm & sunny during the day, but gets chilly at night!  I love to wear shorts, tennis shoes, and sweatshirts/cardigans for sporting events, tailgates, or afternoons spent outside at the zoo and/or farmer’s markets!

For our second post, which might be my favorite look as of late, I took a colorful striped knit dress that I snagged at the Old Navy out at Village Pointe, as well, and tied a chambray shirt around my waist while wearing the sneakers; creating the perfect mix of comfy and cute!  That outfit would be ideal for exploring a city, for travel, shopping with your girlfriends, or taking in a movie!

And for our third and final post, I knew I had to wear this darling shoes tee, because hey, we are talking about how to wear these tennis shoes a bunch of different ways, and I also wanted to show you how to style white jeans after Labor Day!  Whoever came up with that silly rule obviously did not understand the goodness that are white jeans.  Though it took me years to hunt them down, I finally found the best white jeans ever and now I don’t want to wear anything else!  Just like black, tan, and gray, white is also a neutral, which means it goes with everything and shouldn’t be restricted to just a few months out of the year.  I love how crisp and fresh white pieces look for Fall and then we ease into creamy hues for Winter!  There’s a reason why “winter whites” are a thing, right?!?

Are you hesitant to wear your white jeans into Fall?  Here are a few tricks to wearing them with ease and style…

Wear them with a tee, sweater, or kimono – no tank tops!  Tanks are meant for Summer.  Even though it’s going to be in the 80’s this weekend, I try to be seasonally appropriate by opting for a top that will cover my upper arms!

Wear them with closed-toe shoes, like these sneakers!

Add layers to your outfit!  Not only does the yellow add a pop of bold color to my look, but a cardigan sweater is a functional layering piece.  You’ll be prepared when the cool weather hits!

You can wear bold colors, but not neon colors!  I’m so happy to report that the color pink is majorly trending for Fall!  But that doesn’t mean that all pinks are created equal.  Tuck your bright neon colors away for Fall and opt for bold, primary tones and deep jewel hues!

So what is your favorite look out of all three?!  Mine is definitely the dress & sneaker combo!  Thanks so much for reading and I hope you have an amazing day!


Shoes Tee c/o Village Pointe // White Crop Jeans c/o Village Pointe – Similar Here // Yellow Mustard Cardigan c/o Village Pointe // Sneakers – c/o Village Pointe // Earrings10% off with code SABBYSTYLE – c/o Jess Lea Boutique // Sunglasses$55 & Free Shipping // Lip Liner (Pink Coral) // Lip Matte (Twisted Tulip) // Watch // Similar White Bag Here and Here

This post is sponsored by and written in collaboration with Village Pointe!  Thank you so much for supporting the partnerships that allow me to operate Sabby Style full time! 

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