Gift Series with Jess Lea Boutique – Part #3


Hi sister-friends and happy Thursday!  This. Week…. Don’t even get me started on how overwhelmed I am with all the wedding tasks that are making my to-do list a mile long!  I thought sh*t was supposed to be done by now!  Sorry for the negativity, I’m just ready to knock everything off the list and enjoy the last few days of being engaged.  I’m so excited to be married, and for our marriage!  We never thought that things would change that much, since we’ve been together for almost 9 years and lived together for almost 8.  But I was pleasantly wrong in that notion, because after going through the Catholic marriage prep classes, T and I feel closer than ever.  Like this is a BIG deal.  We are committing ourselves to a lifetime of unity in front of Him, and I don’t take that lightly.  Despite the craziness of the wedding planning and all of the $$$ flying out of our accounts, I am so happy and grateful that we decided not to do a destination wedding (because it would have been easier) and dedicated our time & relationship to God and our marriage!  It’s not the right choice for everyone by any means! But it was for us.

And since I’ve been running around like a crazy person, I’ve relied heavily on my closet MVP, this leopard cardigan!  I’m not joking or exaggerating when I say that I wear it at least one time a week!  Here’s three reasons why I love it:

1. The Perfect Weight.  It’s not a super thick or heavy cardigan, which I personally love, because it layers fabulously underneath my black moto jacket.  And since it’s not a heavy material, I wear it all year long!  Many of you know that my go-to Summer uniform consists of cut-offs, a white tee or tank, and a cardigan; because it’s always freezing in restaurants, bars, the grocery store, etc.  And for me, there’s nothing worse than being cold when it’s 90 degrees outside!

2. I Love Leopard.  This light pink/taupe and black leopard print literally goes with everything!  Just when I think I’ve worn it ever possible way, I one up myself and pull out a new combo.  Refer to the photos below to see the many ways I’ve styled this baby!

3. The Price is Right.  Whether you’re a long time SS follower or your new, then one thing you must know (or do know), is that I am a budget-conscious blogger and work really hard to make that a point in all of my posts & content!  Yes, I splurge on handbags.  But only when there is a great sale (where you practically make money lol) and only if I’ve been saving for that splurge.  But you can guarantee that 9x out of 10, I’m offering you discount codes, steals & deals, and tips on how to get the most bang for your buck!  Which means I’ve paid for this cardigan 5x over with how many times I’ve worn it.  Jess Lea Boutique is a great online shop because her stuff is literally, she offers free shipping, and she offers my Sabby Style readers an exclusive shopping treat!

This cardigan is under $24 when you use promo code SABBYSTYLE and for reference, I’m wearing a size Small!img_3895

Sunglassesunder $16 + 20% off with sabby20 – c/o Shop Suey Boutique // Chloe Dupe Bagunder $30! // Faux Fur Poof $12 & Free Shipping // Monogram Necklacesize 3XL, 18inch Chain // Similar Black Peplumunder $8!


Gray Chloe Dupe Bagunder $60 + additional 20% off with code sabby20 – c/o Shop Suey Boutique // Similar Gray Tee // Black Poof$12 // Similar Leggings // Black Chucks 


Flare Denimunder $40! // Peep Toe Bootiesunder $66 & Free Shipping! // White Tee – $32 & Free Shipping // Similar Yellow Bag // Similar Turquoise Necklace // Monogram Necklacesize 3XL, 18inch Chain


Nude Heels // Similar Denim – under $90 & Free Shipping! // White Tee – $32 & Free Shipping! // Similar Black & White Bag


Similar Bootiesunder $75 & Free Shipping! // Similar Shorts // White Tee // Similar Reversible Toteunder $30 & Free Shipping! // Monogram Necklacesize 3XL, 18inch Chain


Liquid Leggingsonly $27 with code SABBYSTYLE – c/o Jess Lea Boutique // White Tee // Monogram Necklacesize 3XL, 18inch Chain // Pink Bag // Pink Poof

img_3903Thanks so much for reading and have a fabulous day! xo


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