Gift Series with Jess Lea Boutique – Part #1


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Photography by Michelle Bazis

Hi gorgeous friends and happy Friday!  Man oh man, this week sure got the best of me!  For those of you that are married, you know all too well that during the few weeks leading up to the wedding, there are tons of to-do’s and it can be overwhelming!  Especially when people want my money.  LOL…kindaaaaa!  It’s as if the moment I cross one to-do off of my list, I check my email and there is something else to add.  I can’t wait to get everything taken care of so I can enjoy the days before our wedding and just really be in the moment!  But before we get married, we have Christmas to look forward to!

love buying gifts for my family and friends!  Even when I was broke as a joke in Grad school, I always found ways to go above and beyond to spoil my nearest and dearest.  Well with our wedding being just one week after Christmas, I’ve had to pull the gift-giving reigns back a bit and do my research for budget friendly gifts!  Surprising my mom, sister, and best friends with the cutest little presents is one of my favorite things to do.  And don’t tell them, but I plan to give someone in my circle this cozy plaid scarf and red faux fur bag charm!  I love that this scarf has red, white, and blue hues, because while it’s festive and perfect for the holiday season, it doesn’t scream “Christmas”, so it can be worn long after the holiday season is over!  I also appreciate that it’s cozy and warm, but isn’t so big that it swallows you up!  I’ve rarely encountered a time where I actually needed said “blanket” scarf, to use as an actual blanket, so I prefer a plaid scarf that is heavy enough to do its job, but doesn’t need its own zip code!

Another popular gift item for your favorite gal (or yourself) is a faux fur bag charm, poof, or pom pom, as some people refer to them!  I personally love this little accessory and have got myself quite the little collection.  This red poof is such a fun way to jazz up any simple outfit and to give it a little holiday sass without committing to a full blown holiday look!  This particular poof is the prettiest shade of a deep red, which I prefer because it doesn’t scream “red and green Christmas” so it can be used after Christmas.  Hello Valentine’s Day outfit accessory!

My scarf and faux fur bag charm are both from Jess Lea Boutique, one of my all-time favorite boutiques and blog partners!  Not only are her prices (and these two items, in particular) super affordable, but she offers my Sabby Style readers an exclusive shopping discount for 10% off when using code SABBYSTYLE at check out, plus free shipping!

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Faux Fur Bag Charmunder $14 with code SABBYSTYLE – c/o Jess Lea Boutique //   Plaid Scarfunder $27 with code SABBYSTYLE – c/o Jess Lea Boutique // White Top // Similar Denim // Similar Heels // Similar Black & White Satchel // Oversized Sunglasses  – 20% off with code sabby20 – c/o Shop Suey Boutique // Navy Sabby Style Bracelet Set – c/o TAudrey Jewelry // Watch // Earrings 


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