Floral Me Rad!


Hey gals!  I hope everyone had an awesome Memorial Day Weekend!  It is back to the grind which is cause for a bright pencil skirt and floral blouse to put some pep in my step!  I have been itching to wear this linen button-down and thought that the bright yellow skirt was just the match.  I have always had this notion that prints weren’t for me or because I am so short, I should steer clear of big prints.  So I never thought I could pull off something like this blouse, but I, in fact, have fallen head-over-heels for said print (actually, all prints in general!) and now I can’t get enough!  This just goes to show that style knows no-limits and it is all about tweaking trends and looks to make them work for your personal style!

Jcrew Floral Blouse| Jcrew Yellow Pencil Skirt (option)| Target Blue Satchel (option) (option)| Mindy Mae’s Market Ice Drops Necklace ℅ | Ann Taylor Loft green and blue necklace (option)| Mindy Mae’s Market Mint Bracelet ℅ | Antebellum Baubles Turqouise and gold bangle ℅ | Luxe Craving Arctic Freeze Bracelet ℅ | Fossil Gold Watch

What do you ladies think about big and bold prints? Are they only made for certain shapes and sizes? Tell me all about breaking your style boundaries!!! Have a great day, xoxo!

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