Finding MY way + Friday Frills

Helloooo galpals and happy, happy Friday!  I don’t know about you, but I am SO ready for the weekend.  LIke whoa.  I have zero plans and I secretly love it!  I plan on watching the Husker game, walking my pups, busting out the Fall decor, stopping by Bath & Body to pick up some new candles, and shooting some bloggy pics!

About those blog pics… I have been on the struggle bus, as of late!  I absolutely love my new camera and it shoots some pretty amazing pics.  When I first got it, we used a certain setting that I really liked and the pictures turned out so good.  Put my sweet little iPhone to shame.  I was so eager to learn more and achieve that uber professional look with my own camera, and not-so-professional photographer, T-rizz!  Well that pressure to achieve the most picture-perfect image like the many super chic and fabulous bloggers I follow and look up to, made me feel less and less enthused and excited to shoot my own great looks.  I’m not good with the ‘learning curve’.  Whether it be in my professional or personal life, I like to know it all right away so I can do my very best from day 1.  So this whole ‘try it out‘ and ‘see what you like best‘ and ‘play around with it and you’ll figure it out‘ makes me really frustrated!  I so wish I had the time to spend hours upon hours devoted to blogging, learning the ins and outs of my camera, shooting amazing photos and the list goes on and on.  But I don’t.  And that irks me beyond belief because I love blogging.  I love SabbyStyle!  I love all of you!  I feel like every decision, experience and relationship has culminated to this time in my life and I am right where I am suppose to be!

So to make a long story short and to sum up a few weeks of feeling down and out, I’ve decided to focus on what I can do and what I enjoy doing.  And that is putting on cute looks, headed somewhere close by aka the backyard or park, and having Tony take my photos.  They aren’t super great, but their ours and we are learning.  It is my hope that my pictures and blog continue to improve as I expand my abilities, capacities and camera knowledge!  So that being said, stay tuned for some fun new pics that are completely Sara and know that I am trying to be the best blogger/mentor/friend I can possibly be through this all!

Now let’s get to my two favorite ‘F’ wordsFRIDAY FRILLS LINK-UP!


This week’s featured blogger is the super chic and fabulous, Nicole from Nicole to the Nines!  We absolutely LOVED her genius print mixing of stripe and floral pieces!  The black and white top pairs flawlessly with her floral skirt and the pop of pink is so great! And let’s not forget about her killer heels… I need.  Want. Must-Have!

To join our Friday Frills Link-Up, just follow Sew Sarah RFor the Love of Fancy, and Sabby Style via Bloglovin’, grab our Link-Up button from my side-bar and share it in your blog post!  Easy peezy, I think YES!  Click the link below and you will be taken right to the Friday Frills Link-Up!

 An InLinkz Link-up

I hope everyone had a great week and may your weekend be blessed with love, laughter, and cocktails!

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