Farm to Farmer’s Market to our Table + Healthy Dinner Recipes x2

Hi friends and happy Friday!  How was your week? Mine flew by but dragged all at the same time!  It was crazy busy with work to-do’s but it felt so good to finally make time to cook up some healthy and tasty meals with Tone!  I have to admit that over the Summer, I’ve been super lax when it comes to grocery shopping and eating at home.  I think I came down with a case of the lazies and it basically lasted all Summer long!  Anyone else like this in the Summer?  Well now that Fall is on the horizon, Tony and I are trying to get back on track with our eating and cooking at home!  Our Mexico trip will be here before we know it and this lady wants to look AND feel awesome in my swimsuits!  So our visit last weekend to the Village Pointe Farmer’s Market couldn’t have come at a better time.   I finally got my healthy eating mojo back and stocked up on sooooo much fresh food!  Word to the wise – don’t go to the Farmer’s Market hungry.  You will buy all the things. Which isn’t a bad thing when you’re buying fresh, local food!

Do you guys have Farmer’s Markets in your city? Omaha has quite a few but I have to say that the Village Pointe Farmer’s Market is my favorite!  For one, it’s smaller and more intimate.  I love this because I can actually chat with the vendors and learn more about their products and operations!  There’s also not a bunch of vendors selling the same exact things.  There is plenty of selection to choose from but there’s not the same items booth after booth!  Another thing that makes the Village Pointe Farmer’s Market unique is that it’s dedicated to farmers.  At other Farmer’s Markets you can often find other types of small businesses – like homemade dog collars, candles, trinkets, etc. – but at Village Pointe, it’s strictly for farmers, which is awesome because I’m there to get FOOD!  And because it’s more of a low-key Farmer’s Market, the parking isn’t a chore or fight.  Whether you want to get in quick for a few items or have a leisurely stroll and enjoy the morning, the Village Pointe Farmer’s Market is ideal for both!

This past week on my Instagram, I shared a couple meals we made with all of our goodies from the Farmer’s Market and I received so many questions/comments requesting the recipes, so without further adieu, here they are!


Tony and I eat quite a bit of fish and seafood, so we pulled out a couple of frozen Ahi Tuna filets that we purchased from Sam’s Club!  Tony made a homemade marinade with fresh grated ginger, minced garlic, and a mix of soy sauce with a few dashes of teriyaki sauce!  We over roasted the tuna and it was perfectly seared for Tony and I cooked mine a few extra minutes for more of a “done” aka not so pink piece.

The sweet corn was the best we’ve had all year!  Just bring a big pot of water to a boil, place corn in and cover for 4-5 minutes, and serve!  We’re pretty simple when it comes to “dressing” the corn; we just use a little butter and S&P!

As for the veggies, oh my gosh these were the tastiest tomatoes, potatoes and green beans we’ve ever made!  See recipe below.


This meal was one that we quickly put together!  I pan roasted the zucchini and mushrooms with a bit of garlic olive oil and salt and pepper.  After they began to brown and soften, I put the tomatoes in for about 1 minute.  I don’t cook the tomatoes as long as I do the other veggies because I don’t want them to get soft and mushy!  Once the noodles were done, I drained and returned to the pot!  Note – I did not rinse the noodles.  From there I added the veggies and stirred them into the noodles and added a 3/4 cup of grated parmesan!  The parm melts into the noodles and veggies, serving as a sauce!  The turkey meatballs are frozen from Trader Joe’s – an easy meat option when you don’t want to use up all your pans!

And that’s it, easy peezy!  What are your favorite healthy meals?!?

Thank you to my friends at Village Pointe for sponsoring today’s post!  All thoughts expressed are sincerely my own! xoxo

We bought the Pineapple Mango Salsa and the Bruschetta with Onion – SO GOOD!

Honestly the best, ripest, yummiest tomatoes I’ve had!  So good with a little salt!

This is Angelyn and she is the boss behind the Village Pointe Farmer’s Market!  If you’re in Omaha, be sure to stop by the tent and say hi!  She’s also a wealth of knowledge about the vendors and what products they have!

You can never go wrong with farm fresh eggs!

There is one bakery at the Village Pointe Farmer’s Market and their samples were so tasty! Tony loves his sweets, so we chose the Scandinavian Almond Cake and it tasted like our wedding cake!  So naturally we bought the entire loaf haha

The green beans we bought for recipe #1!  I just trimmed the ends before cooking.

And you can never leave a Farmer’s Market without getting some fresh blooms!

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