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Hi friends!  So remember those little Saturday posts from last year where I would share my Pit & Peak of the week??? I’ve been doing some thinking and I truly feel it’s important that we talk about real life things and the moments we go through; the good, the bad, and the ugly.  So I have made it a goal in 2016 to not only blog more consistently (stay tuned!) but to share more of ME!  And I thought a great time to start would be right here, right now, with the first #SaturdayCoffeeTalk post of the year!

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PIT // When you work really hard for something and it doesn’t come to fruition.  Disappointment is the worst feeling, but we can’t let that feeling sink into our hearts! Sure, I was sad and having FOMO feelings about not attending an annual blogger conference, but you know what, it lit a fire under my ass!  I WILL work as hard as I possibly can this year to be the best blogger in my niche and be the best advocate for my reader’s wants and needs.  I am bound and determined to make 2016 the very best year yet for my brand and business.  And gosh darnit, I will be at that conference next year!

PEAK // I finished a 10-day cleanse!  On Monday the 19th, I began the first phase of the Advocare 24-day challenge.  I normally would never take on a cleanse or a challenge of this kind (commitment scares me! J/K.. I don’t like being told what to eat), but I had the expert guidance and support of my awesome trainers at DeVetter Fitness to lead this first-timer!  And guess what guys, I survived!  Barely though.  Turns out the herbal cleanse was a bit tough on my IBSD symptoms.  But that’s actually the point… to CLEANSE YOU!  Which means getting all the years of crud and crap (literally!) out of your system.  So I sucked it up and was determined to complete the 10 days.   As to be expected, the first few days were the most difficult, but the last 4-5 days were definitely easier!  This cleanse allows the next part of the challenge, along with continued clean eating and exercise, to really jump start your results!  The “diet” part of this is definitely not a problem for me because I cook, meal prep, and eat about 90-95% clean on the daily – I have to with my stomach issues.  But I have never used supplements.  This 10 day cleanse enhanced my diet with a system of herbal supplements, fiber, amino acids & protein shakes.  And for someone who has never drank a protein or meal replacement shake… I liked it!

On Monday I’ll get the info on the second phase of the challenge, and I can’t wait!  I’ll be doing another post on phase 2 and my final thoughts on the Challenge as a whole!
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What are your tips and tricks for sticking to those NY Resolutions and what kinds of challenges are you doing/have done?!

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