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Hi friends and happy Saturday! It is most definitely starting to feel like Fall around here and with the sweaters, booties, and scarves comes the beloved Pumpkin Spice Latte!  Ahhh, just pretend you are sitting over a hot cup of joe and take a deep breath.  Let that cinnamon spice aroma fill your space and just like that, Fall is here! But I have vowed to not let this Starbucks season turn me into a $5 a day habit, so I am limiting myself to one coffee treat per week! #weddingsaintcheap

PIT // PANERA HAS STOPPED SERVING FRENCH ONION SOUP.  Yes, you are reading this right.  I was devastated when I went to get some soup last night and much to my dismay, was told that they are no longer carrying this flavor.  Say what?!!!  The sweet gal working tried to reassure me that someday in the future they might bring it back… which basically means that soup season is upon us and I am without my favorite soup!  I know, small potatoes in the big scheme of things, but for a recent pescatarian that has digestive issues, finding a soup that sits well, is yummy, and isn’t a calorie-bomb is a rare commodity!  Ok rant over.  So if you have any homemade french onion soup recipes that you care to share, send them my way!

PEAK // We officially booked our wedding photographer!  And signed the contract to our reception venue, paid the deposit for the church, and had our first meeting with our marriage prep facilitator! I LOVE checking stuff off my to-do list, woohoo!

Side note …. One word, Evernote.  You guys, my life has been changed! I can’t believe I am just now discovering this awesome, streamlined organizational system.  With my full-time job, blogging business & events, and wedding planning, things have gotten a bit hectic (in a good way!) and this system has now made organization a breeze!

Thanks so much for stopping by today and I hope you all have a blessed weekend!

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