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Hi friends and a Happy Saturday to you all!  How was everyone’s week? From the looks of IG, a lot of my insta-GF’s got a ton of snow these past few days and I must admit, I’m glad it wasn’t us!  I am soooooo ready for sunshine, longer days, outside runs, walking my boys, and spending many a days at my parents pool! Plus we’re going to Hawaii in June so that can’t get here soon enough!

PIT // Yesterday, Tony and I received some terrible news that a friend of ours had chosen to take his own life.  I won’t speak to the details and such, because really all that matters is that life is precious and there was a life lost.  We have so many whys and wonder how it ever came to this point, but I just pray that he has found peace and that his family finds comfort in their memories and love shared.

PEAK // It was sixty-freaking-three degrees yesterday!  I’m not mad about it.  It’s going to be beautiful this weekend and I can’t wait to get out there and enjoy it!  We’ll be spending the majority of our weekend painting the master bedroom, putting the basement back together, and binge watching House of Cards, but I will make a point to get out there and soak up the fresh air and Vitamin D!

Do you guys have any big plans? I would love to know what you gals do on those precious two days off and especially when warmer weather comes out to play!

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