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Photography by Michelle Bazis

Hey galpals!  How was your weekend and how did Monday treat you?!  Yesterday my dad took the day off from work so we had a family zoo day! Yep, that’s right.  Mom, dad, me and my 26 year old sister went to the zoo and we were there for 5 hours!  Tone and I are frequent zoo guests (thanks to our zoo pass), and my dad and I went a couple years ago when my cousins were in town, but my mom & sis hadn’t been to the zoo in probably ten years!  There was so much to see and it was great to be together as a family.  Plus I had a ballpark-esque hotdog and it was legit!  I haven’t had a dog in years and it took me right back to my adolescent days to… you guessed it, hanging with the fam bam!

It was actually cool (for mid July) in the morning and it gave me some more of that Fall Fever!  Especially with the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale happening right now, I’ve got Fall wardrobe, outfits, and activities on the brain.  I’m talking PSL’s, pumpkin patch, basketball games, hot toddy’s, and crockpot meals!  But alas, here in Nebraska, summer will stick around for a few more months so I can’t turn my back on my season, being I am a summer baby!  In fact, my birthday is this Thursday!  I totally thought it was next week.  For anyone else who works from home, do you ever get your days and weeks all mixed up? My lord, I need to make sure I’m checking my planner every day to keep myself on track!  Any who, as most of you know, my 30th birthday last year was the best. day. ever because it was also the day Tony proposed!  So I feel like this year is kind of whah, whah, whah.  We haven’t even made any plans with friends yet.  But, being the sweet fiancé Tony is, he bought me this gorgeous bag from the #NSale!  So even if we stay at home with the boys, cook dinner, and watch DVR, it’s still all good because at the end of the day, all I need is love from my nearest and dearest!  And a new bag.

And speaking of new bag, I got this blush bucket bag a couple weeks ago and haven’t put it down!  It’s under $60 and the color is just beautiful.  In my personal opinion, not all neutrals are created equal and I’m quite picky when it comes to adding neutral pieces into my wardrobe.  I’m not a huge fan of brown (nothing against brown, it’s just not my jam!), so I have to be sure that an item is in the middle of brown and gray.  Greige.  And blushy nudes!  I love that this bag is of the bucket family, because I’ve been looking high and low for an affordable option!  Bucket bags aren’t going anywhere and are super on-trend for Fall.  However, they can also be pretty pricey (which is why it took me forever to get one!), so consider this beauty a rare gem with it’s price tag.  Perforated details and tassels are also still very much “in” this Fall!  It’s pretty much the trifecta and you honestly just can’t beat the price and quality.  And to boot, this color will transition wonderfully into Fall and already goes with so much in my wardrobe!








Blush Bucket Bagunder $60! // Cat Eye Sunniesunder $15 plus 20% off with code sabby20 // Almost Identical Shirt // Denim Cutoffs – wearing a Large – under $16! // Almost Identical Wedges // Monogram Necklace // Earrings // Watch // Nail Color 

Also – did you guys like the first post of my new series called Sabby Steals??? I would love some feedback and what you want to see in those Saturday posts!


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