Borsheims Wedding Registry + Giveaway

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Photography by Michelle Bazis

Hi friends and happy Thursday!  This is a super exiting week for Tony and I in the wedding planning world because we had our food tasting yesterday – holy yumminess – and we met with our wedding coordinator to finalize day-of details!  It’s becoming so real and I have to pinch myself sometimes because I can’t believe we’re getting married in just about 2 months!  After almost 9 years of dating, there were a few years that I didn’t really believe we would actually get to this point, and now that it’s all coming together and the countdown is on, I’m feeling overwhelmed with so much love and happiness!  Also, my first bridal shower is this coming Sunday and I got the prettiest blush pink dress for the occasion.  It’s going to be such a wonderful day with my dearest family and friends!

And speaking of bridal shower, I get the butterflies every time someone mentions our registry!  Tony and I had the best time registering for wedding gifts at Borsheims!  I was a kid in a candy store and had to practice some major self control in order to not register for every single thing.  Tony and I have lived together for 7.5 years, which means our house ware collection consists of his, mine, and our parents’ hand-me-downs!  Which we have plenty of.  But as we renovate our house and I have big kitchen dreams, I loved the idea of finally having our own things – that reflect our style.  This registry represents a new chapter for us – our future as Mr. and Mrs.!  So it took about 5 minutes with Jodi, the registry extrordinare, to go from the mindset that we don’t need more things, to give me all the flatware, stemware, and serving bowls!  I am so excited for the beautiful items we picked out!  Tony even chose our new silverware and we both laughed when we saw that it was Kate Spade.  He’s a man after my heart!  The Gift Department at Borsheims is unique in that they not only have the essentials, such as flatware, stemware, napkins, placemats, towels, etc., but they also have an amazing selection of home decor, gifts, and accessories.  Yes we need plates, but we also need cute pillows, and a Kate Spade tea kettle!  We mixed practicality with personality and curated a registry that fit who we are as a couple now, and the family and home we hope for in the future!

The registering experience at Borsheims is so personal and intimate.  No guns here!  A very kind and knowledgable Borsheims Gift Associate will walk with you as you browse and brainstorm.  Seeing as I personally have not yet hosted a holiday meal, I wasn’t quite sure as to which items were necessary and ones that might just become dust collectors.  I was so thankful to have Jodi’s help to explain everything to Tony and I.   She helped us stay focused on our needs.  When I felt like we were registering for five thousand bowls, she asked us to think of what our daily lives look like – i.e. what are the things you use most?!  And turns out, bowls are our business so it made sense that we were gravitating towards them.  Every time I picked something out and asked about the price, I felt guilty.  Even if it wasn’t expensive, I still felt bad!  I just know how hard our friends and family work and don’t ever want to ask for too much.  Again, Jodi was there to assure us that people actually want to celebrate our marriage and are happy to give a gift that will help us as we embark on this new journey.  Her reassuring words eased my heavy heart and allowed me to switch back to happy Bride-mode!  Stay tuned for a peek at the items we so gratefully receive as we approach our big day!

If you haven’t thought about registering at Borsheims, it’s definitely worth a trip to their gift department! And be sure you meet with Jodi; she helped complete our vision!







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And because we had such a fun time creating our registry and choosing some pretty cool items, I want to give that same Borsheims gift experience to one of my friends!  We put together a basket full of newlywed essentials to help you feather your nest as husband and wife! Simply pop over to my Instagram for entry details!

Winner will be announced on the Instagram Giveaway Post on 10/26!img_8743

Here are my favorite picks from the package!

Candle // His + Hers Glasses // Towels // Placemat // Bar Board


This post was sponsored by Borsheims Fine Jewelry & Gifts.  All opinions and thoughts are authentically my own!

58 Responses to Borsheims Wedding Registry + Giveaway

  1. I e never heard of Borsheims but it looks so nice! I am so excited for you two!

  2. Maggie says:

    Registering is so much fun once you have guidance and this looks like y’all had the best time! Everything there is so beautiful!


  3. Lexi says:

    Aww, we loved registering for our wedding! These pictures are the cutest.

  4. LOVE Borsheims! Super cute pics girly!

  5. Ashley Zeal says:

    You guys are too cute! You make registering look so fun. Love those tiles!

  6. Registering is so fun!! That was one of the best things about getting married a second time! HA! 🙂

  7. sarah lindner says:

    aw you guys are just the cutest! It looked like you guys had so much fun!

    Sarah Lindner

  8. Greta says:

    This was my favorite part of getting married. Doing this with your husband to be is so much fun!

    Greta |

  9. Lauren says:

    Registering is such a fun experience. Looks like y’all had a blast!

    Fizz and Frosting

  10. You two are so cute, & wedding registry is so fun! This sounds like such a great place to register for all your goodies!

    Lawren Bagley

  11. This looks absolutely incredible, and I am LOVING this giveaway. I wish I was at this stage in my life, but I’m bookmarking this for the future! xx Adaleta Avdic

  12. Rita says:

    This looks so fun. Beautiful pictures. You guys look great together.

    Rita |

  13. Maggie says:

    I’ve never heard of this place, but it sounds awesome!! A perfect place for a registry 🙂

  14. Anna English says:

    It looks like y’all made registering a fun time!

  15. This post is too cute, happy wedding planning! xo

  16. Lacey says:

    Oh my gosh you two are the cutest!! Sounds like the perfect place to register!

    xo Lacey

  17. sarah says:

    This looks like SO MUCH FUN! They have a lot of amazing items to choose from.

  18. Wow what a fun, enjoyable time creating your registry! We had a great experience at Williams Sonoma, but I need to check out this store as well!


  19. Shelby Back says:

    This looks like such a cute & nice place to register! The countdown is on for you! SO exciting!


    • sarasab says:

      Thanks so much, Shelby! I seriously have a love affair with Borsheims! Not only do they have the most amazing diamonds and jewelry, but the cutest home items and gifts! Bye bye all my money 🙂

  20. Bailey says:

    Absolutely that school dinnerware! so cute! I need to see if they make it in my alumni school!

    Here’s The Skinny

  21. cristin says:

    Such a great post! You’re so cute!!

    cristin |

  22. Alicia Chew says:

    You guys are so adorable! Probably the cutest registry experience I’ve ever witnessed!

    xo, Alicia |

  23. emily says:

    You two are ADORABLE! I can’t believe it’s SO soon for y’all! Looks like some great pieces to start your new journey together!

  24. Whitney says:

    Such helpful tips and sounds like a great place to register too. Can’t wait for the wedding!!

  25. Alice says:

    Looks like such a fun and special time for you both!! Enjoy every minute!

    Alice at Lone Star Looking Glass

  26. Amy Loochtan says:

    it looks like y’all had so much fun! I love registering!
    Coffee Beans and Bobby Pins

  27. Elise says:

    what a beautiful store! you two look so happy. great post!

  28. L says:

    You two are way too cute!!!

  29. Nicole says:

    So much cute stuff in that store!! Yikes! That had to be so much fun! Shopping for stuff other people will buy for you! Congratulations again!

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