Behind the Scenes Engagement Video

Video by Love & Light Productions

Hi friends and happy Wednesday!  Last night Tony and I met with our priest for the second time and I have to admit, I’m feeling all the bride-to-be feels!  Just like with our marriage prep weekend retreat, sure it’s not on my list of the top places I would like to go in my free time (sorry God, sorry Fr. Snow), but after our meeting which was full of discussion and heart-felt conversations, we left feeling connected and refreshed.  It’s like free marriage/dating counseling – hey, I’ll take it 🙂  But honestly,  as we approach the 2-month countdown, I’m feeling overwhelmed with thankfulness for this wonderful journey we’re on and I have great peace & comfort in knowing that God is at the center of our future.  And because I’m feeling downright mushy gushy, I thought I would share a behind the scenes video taken from our engagement shoot almost a year ago!  Side note – my hair was so short.  Thank goodness for Hair, Skin & Nails because it’s getting long!

Back to this amazing video… Jen and Audrey, the amazing gals behind the Love & Light Productions biz, are the coolest and sweetest people I know and I can’t imagine not having them there on our special day.  We became instant friends and I have a little less nerves knowing that friendly faces & hearts will be there with us, capturing our ceremony and the party that will be our reception!

So cheers to God, love, and the talented women behind this video!


22 Responses to Behind the Scenes Engagement Video

  1. Anna Cobbs says:

    Love this video – you guys look so happy!!!! We did marriage counseling before we got married, too, and I think it was the absolute best thing we could have done for our marriage!

    xx – anna

    • sarasab says:

      Thank you, Anna! And I agree with you on the marriage prep – it’s really gotten us talking about issues that seem to always come up so if we can at least have a better understanding of each other’s points of view, that helps so much!

  2. What an insanely awesome capture! You’ll love having this for the rest of your lives. Just lovely babe. 🙂

  3. Meggan says:

    Love this video – it’s so sweet! <3

  4. Bailey says:

    This video is so sweet! I definitely feel the love between you guys! so adorable!

    Here’s The Skinny

  5. Alicia Chew says:

    This is so precious omg! Love it!

    xo, Alicia | Alicia Tenise

  6. Shannon says:

    This video is so cute and you both look so happy! I think this was such a great idea to capture this special day and I’m not quite sure I’ve seen anyone else do this. Wish I would have 😉

    Clothes & Quotes

  7. miriam says:

    loving this so much. you look so beautiful!

  8. awwww this is soo beautiful!!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  9. I absolutely am in love with this. Also are y’all Catholic??? So are we! I lovelovelove meeting fellow Catholic + Christian blogger babes. <3

    Coming Up Roses

    • sarasab says:

      Thank you, Erica! And yes to your question! Well I’m Catholic and Tony is Lutheran but we are marrying in the Catholic Church and will raise our kiddos in the Catholic Church! I would love to connect sometime! xo

  10. Kathryn says:

    This was such a sweet video!

  11. Rizza Smith says:

    What a sweet video Omg. It looks great

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