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Photography by Michelle Bazis

Hello and happy Tuesday to you all!  How was everyone’s holiday weekend? Our days were  filled with lots of family & friend QT and our nights were spent at home tending to our nervous puppy dogs.  Last year we bought them Thunder Jackets and those little contraptions have provided a miraculous amount of relief!  We slap that jacket on Franklin when it thunders, lightening, and rains.  Shoot, he even wears it when there’s a 5 mph wind ha!  Hey, he’s our sensitive pup.  But when it comes to the 4th, we have to camp out at home. with the tv volume up way too loud in order to drown out the sound of fireworks.  Sigh… I have a love/hate relationship with this holiday.  In fact, Tony and I were talking about our childhoods, and growing up we absolutely loved the 4th of July!  But now as a dog owner, I find myself hating every neighbor who lights off a firework in the weeks leading up to the actual day and for those who continue to light those big booms way past the city’s 11 pm curfew.  I know, I know, it’s America’s day, and I am certainly proud to be an American!  But I’m also a helicopter dog mom and worry sick about my boys!

Can you believe that the 4th has already came and gone?!  I was at Target the other day and they already had schools supplies out.  Stop. It. Right. Now.  Seriously!  Let us enjoy our sweet summer.  It’s such a shame to wish time away and I’ve vowed to stop doing that.

I’m embracing every ounce of summer and I’m doing that in this gorgeous dress from Ellie Kai!  You guys.  I wish I could have each one of you touch and feel this fabric.  You might be thinking, girl you are crazy… a long-sleeve dress for summer?!  But raise your hand if you have ever been freeeeezing at a church wedding, or baby shower, or at the office?  Yes, it’s 95 outside, but inside, it’s an igloo!  This is why I love long-sleeve summer dresses.  I get to show off my favorite part of the bod, my stems, while staying comfortable in A/C.  I also think long-sleeve dresses are incredibly chic and super versatile.  You never have to worry if you are showing too much skin, or are going to be underdressed.  You also don’t have to remember a shawl or scarf because a long-sleeve dress automatically has all the right things under wraps!  It’s definitely a throw-on and go piece, which is right up my alley.  I love that this print (wearing the Ankti) is a mix of cool neutrals with a warm touch of tangerine.

I let the beautiful print do all the talking and kept my accessories neutral and to a minimum.  That’s the other thing with long-sleeve dresses.  You don’t need to add much at all!  I could have easily worn my go-to gold monogram necklace and ditched the bracelets for a bold watch.  And when I can’t beat the heat and my hair is bothering me, I throw it up (now that it’s long, woohoo!) into a top knot bun to get it off my neck for a no-fuss look!

Another fabulous part about this long-sleeve Ellie Kai dress, is that it’s 100% custom made.  Yes, you read that right! I was able to create a dress that fits ME perfectly.  And the process was so seamless.

First, you choose the cut and fit of dress.  I’m wearing the Maddie Dress.

Second, you select your fabric choice.  And there are so many beautiful fabrics!  Truly, something for everyone.  I was seeking a summer dress in particular, so this Ankti fabric was exactly what I was looking for.

Thirdyou choose your dress size.  I’m so happy to report that these dresses come in women’s sizes… not juniors!  Am I a 5 or a 7?  Good Lord, who even knows what that means anymore!  I have shorts that I purchased in the Juniors department a few summers ago that are a size 9!  I had to size up, up, and up to get them to be a semi-appropriate length so my buns wouldn’t fall out.  So it brings me great joy and confidence to know that these dresses are going to fit me how a women’s dress should!

Fourth, after you’ve selected your size, you then can choose the length.  And let me say that I LOVE this option.  Have you ever ordered a dress online thinking you were getting a knee length number and what actually arrives is a dress long enough for a 5 year old? And you’re thinking, there’s no way that this could actually be worn as a dress!  Maybe a tunic with thick leggings, but definitely not as a legitimate dress.  I’ve had this happen to me on a number of circumstances, and I’m only 5″2!  After experiencing this one too many times, I was delighted to have the power to choose the length that is appropriate for ME.  Such a genius concept!

Four simple steps to create the custom dress of your dreams that was 100% made for YOU.  These dresses are ones that you will carry in your closet for years, because not only is the fit great, but the quality of the fabric and craftsmanship is top-notch.  Why buy a $25 dress from Forever21 that’s going to fall apart after a few hours of wear, doesn’t fit you right, and when wearing it, you don’t feel like the classy, put-together babe that you are!  Save your pennies for an investment piece that will bring you happiness, confidence, and style for years to come!

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IMG_5616 Maddie Dress c/o Ellie Kai // Heels from Sole Society – Similar here (under $70!) and here (under $46!) // Exact Necklace c/o I Crave Jewels – code SABBYSTYLE // Sunnies c/o Shop Suey Boutique – code sabby20 // Similar Gray Cross Body Bag // Similar Bracelets // Earrings // Lips


This post was brought to you in collaboration with Ellie Kai.  All opinions are my own.  Thank you for supporting the brands that allow Sabby Style to operate full time!

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