$30 Tropical Dress and a Little Life Update!

Floral Dress$30 + 10% off with code SABSTYLE – c/o Anna Kayte’s Boutique // Earrings30% off with code SHOPNOW // Pink Heels // Straw Bag Here and Here // Sunglasses // Ring // Turquoise Sabby Style Bracelet Set10% off with code sabbystyle10 – c/o Taudrey Jewelry

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Hi gals and happy last day of July!  I hope your week is off to a great start!  Isn’t it nuts that we’re saying goodbye to July and Fall is on the horizon?  All of my mama friends are already doing their back to school shopping!  Is it me or do kiddos start school earlier and earlier every year? I secretly miss buying new school supplies haha!  I have such fond memories from going shopping with my mom and sis for supplies and new shoes!  We went to Catholic school, so we wore a uniform.  Anyone else have nostalgic feelings around this time of year? In fact, I’ve even toyed with the idea of going back to school for a second master’s or my PhD just so I can partake in the BTS festivities lol but Tony’s not having it so I’ll just buy myself new notebooks and highlighters and freshen up my desk!

In other news, I wrote a Life Update post last month and received a lot of positive feedback saying how much you girls enjoyed having personal tidbits mixed in with fashion, so I’m back today with another Life Update!

WE GOT A THIRD DOG!  On Friday, July 13th, we officially welcomed a third dog, Martha Mae, into our family!  We certainly weren’t intending to add a third dog to the mix, especially with all we have going on (Franklin’s heart issue, Roger’s diabetes, and our upcoming renovation), but it was just meant to be.  We actually met her at a bar patio while she was enjoying the Saturday sun with her Foster Mom!  Miss Martha is a 4 year old Havanese and was a puppy mill surrender.  We adopted her from a local rescue group Hands, Hearts & Paws!  She was a breeding dog and I’m so happy to report that her baby making days are over!  Now she can be the baby and get taken care of rather than taking care of others.  She is such a sweet girl and her personality is starting to come out and we’re discovering that she’s quite sassy and can hold her own with her brothers!  She’s 100% a mama’s girl and is my little shadow.  She’s slowly warming up to Tony, especially when he has food and is offering bedtime cuddles!

KANSAS CITY GETAWAY!  Tony and I are off to KC again this Thursday for another fun weekend away!  On Thursday evening we’ll go to the Billy Currington concert at the KC Live! Block and will be meeting up with some friends.  We’ll also be sure to hit up Nordstrom (the Anniversary Sale is still going strong!), Nordstrom Rack, and the Legends Outlet Mall.  Last time we were there, we stumbled upon the Westport neighborhood and had a great time patio hopping, so we definitely plan to go back this time!  We’re staying at Hotel Phillips, which is a gorgeous historic property in downtown Kansas City, so be sure to follow along my Instagram and Stories!

MAZATLAN, MEXICO IS CALLING!  I didn’t think we would be going to Mazatlan this year but it looks like we’ll be traveling there in the middle of October!  If you’re new here, Tony’s mom lives in Mazatlan all year round and doesn’t come home to Omaha too often, so we gladly pack up and head towards the sun to visit her as often as we can!  It’s the best vacay for us because we balance our two or three weeks there with family time and alone time.  We’ve always wanted to visit another part of Mexico but it’s hard to go somewhere else when we’re dying to see her!  Plus after 7 or 8 vacations there, we definitely have our must-visit spots for dining and places to go for live music!

One of my favorite parts about going to Mexico – aside from the sun, sand, sunsets, pool, tequila, fish tacos, fresh salsa, and Pacifico Light – is shopping for it!  We don’t get too gussied up when we’re there, but we do freshen up every night for drinks at the pub and for dinner at the Bistro, so I always bring light-weight dresses!  I look for ones that I can wear with wedges OR sandals and that also double as a pool coverup.  When you’re gone for 2+ weeks, you gotta pack as light as possible, which is tough for me haha.  This stunning floral dress from Anna Kayte’s Boutique is ideal for the Summer heat or your next vacation because it’s a cotton material,  so it’s super breathable and doesn’t wrinkle easily!  We try to spend a very minimal amount of time in our room getting ready (I do enough of that at home!), so when we meet Tony’s mom in town for happy hour drinks and live music on the beach, I keep my suit on and throw on an easy breezy dress or tunic.  This gives the appearance that I put effort into getting ready but am still totally appropriate for going barefoot on the beach!  This floral cutie is only $30 plus an extra 10% off with code SABSTYLE!  Wearing a size Small for reference.

PERMITS ARE IN!  Our plans were approved by the city and we officially have permits for the remodel!  We’re currently finalizing bids and hope to start demo this month.  We’ve picked out our granite, cabinets, backsplash, and hardware and now we need to nail down (pun intended!) our flooring!  I’ll be putting together a big blog post including before photos and then after of when the demo is completed, so stay tuned for that progress post!

I think that’s it for now but I’ll be back later in August with another Life Update post!  Thanks so much for reading and have an amazing day, friends! xoxo

This post is sponsored by my friends at Anna Kayte’s Boutique!  All thoughts expressed are always sincerely my own! 

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