2017 in Review + Hopes & Goals for 2018

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Hi sweet friends and happy first blog post of 2018!  I hope you all had an amazing New Year’s Eve – whether you stayed comfy & cozy at home like us or were out n about painting the town!  Now that the holidays are officially over, it’s time to get serious about making 2018 the best one yet.  But before we can look ahead, it’s important to reflect on the previous year and evaluate the good, the bad, what worked, and what didn’t, so we can have a solid plan to crush those goals!

2017 in Review

My Highs

– MR. & MRS. ROTH… As most of you know, Tony and I got married on 12/31/2016, so we started 2017 as Husband & Wife!  Being married to your best friend is pretty legit and after almost ten years together, we’re still laughing, loving, goofing, and enjoying this sweet little life we’ve built together!

– TRAVEL… One of my goals for 2017 was to travel more and to incorporate more travel content into my blog, and I’m so happy with all of the adventures we experienced this year!  We spent 5 weeks in Mexico (2 for our honeymoon in January, and 3 for vacation & Tony’s 35th birthday in October) and after 7 visits to Mazatlan thus far, we love it more and more every time!

In April I met & roomed with Kelssey & Cortney in Dallas at the rewardStyle conference and we became instant blogging buddies!  Since then, we’ve traveled to Charleston and Washington D.C. together and have many more blogging trips planned for 2018.  It’s such a blessing to have met them and to develop real life friendships with like-minded women in your industry who understand the highs and lows of this blogging world!  Tony and I also made a few road trips to Kansas City this past year and it’s one of our favorite little getaways.  Not to mention they have a Nordstrom haha!

– ONE YEAR of BEING MY OWN BOSS… In June I celebrated one full year since quitting my day job to stay home and run Sabby Style full time!  As much as I loved my nonprofit career and my amazing coworkers, there hasn’t been one day or moment where I regretted leaving to pursue Sabby Style.  With faith in Him, lots of preparation, and unconditional love & support from my family and friends, it was the best decision I could have ever made.  And 2017 brought so many amazing work opportunities.  I was very blessed to have partnered & collaborated with old favorites and many new ones.  I can’t wait to see what 2018 has in-store for this little blog of mine!

– FIRST PURCHASE AS A MARRIED COUPLE… Tone and I bought new cars in late Summer and I have to say that sh*t got real when we made our first big purchase as a married couple!  We also combined health & auto insurance, but that’s just not as fun as getting new cars together haha.

My Lows

– LOSS OF FAMILY… While there were plenty of tough times, arguments, learning moments, and day-to-day life crap, the two worst moments of 2017 were loosing Tony’s Nana and my Grandmother.  They are both at peace now but that doesn’t make it any easier for us here on earth.  As we move forward as individuals and as a married couple; we know they are watching over us and feel thankful for the time we shared with them!

2018 Hopes & Goals

– MAKE BETTER USE OF MY TIME… This was at the top of my list last year and I fell quite short.  I am my mother’s daughter, a natural dilly daddler, and need to work on this!  I also get way too wrapped up in a “perfect feed” and debate way too long on which picture to share or blog post to get up.  So much so that a day or two will pass without being present on the blog or social media.  Life’s not perfect, so I need to work on producing content versus perfecting content!  And in general, I would be a better blog boss, wife, puppy mom, friend, and daughter if I would utilize my time better.  So one of my words for 2018 is seize.  Seize the moment, seize the day, and seize opportunities!

– IF IT DOESN’T CHALLENGE YOU, IT WON’T CHANGE YOU… I need to make fitness a (much) bigger component of my life and while I want to, I can always find excuses to push it to the next day.  A large hurdle is that I often sleep too late, therefor my days are cut shorter, leaving me less time to take care of my work and personal business.  Becoming a morning person is definitely going to be a challenge for me, but I won’t/can’t change until I take action.  So challenge accepted!

Early bird gets the worm”

– GET THE CREATIVE JUICES FLOWING… In 2018 I really want to take my blog content and creativity to the next level!  I remember looking back to a couple years ago and I would be terrified to take blog photos in public.  And now it doesn’t phase me!  I’m proud of how far my photos and shoots have come – from my backyard to very populated areas & walls – but it’s time to push the envelope.  Fashion will always be front and center here on Sabby Style, but you can count on exciting shoots, lots more travel, and also topics on all things home; as we’re embarking on a huge home renovation in the next month or so!

– HOME REMODEL… As I mentioned above, we are about to begin a total first floor remodel and I cannot wait!  We will literally have a brand new house.  We live in a great neighborhood, sit on a big lot, have a nice rambling ranch, and our location is perfect, but it’s time to give our girl a face lift. I look forward to documenting the process and sharing it with all of you!

– MORE TRAVEL… I hope the travel bug doesn’t stop biting us because we had a lot of awesome times in 2017!  First up, I’ve never been to Disney World and I’m trying to convince Tone to go on an adult trip to Disney World in March!  I would love to have my parents or our friends join us, too!  He’s not a fan of rollercoasters, but I keep telling him there’s so much more to do than just rides.  So if you have any recommendations for fun (adult) things to do at Disney, please let me know!

We’re also planning a Mediterranean cruise for June!  Greece was at the top of my list for honeymoon destinations, but they have the same seasons as we do, and since we got married in December, January was not an ideal time to travel there.  I really want to visit the Mediterranean before we expand our family later this year! (No, I’m not pregnant)

– GROW OUR FAMILY… I hope and pray that God will bless us with a baby this year.  Ideally we would try and be successful in the Summer, but I know it’s not up to me and His plans are far greater than mine, so it’s kind of silly to even try and make a timeline!  But nevertheless, it’s our hope to get pregnant with baby Roth this year!

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for the love, support, encouragement, readership, and friendship you’ve so generously given me this past year.  I couldn’t live out my dreams and passions without you and that is something I don’t take for granted!

Cheers to an amazing new year, love you girls! xoxo

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